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Ply Gem

4780 & 4880 Pocket Sliding Patio Doors

New Construction — Aluminum
Ply Gem

4780 & 4880 Pocket Sliding Patio Doors

New Construction — Aluminum

Blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor living spaces with a 4780 or 4880 pocket sliding patio doors. Crafted of durable aluminum, they’re Florida-approved for areas where high winds are common.

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4780 & 4880 Pocket Sliding Patio Doors

4780 & 4880 Pocket Sliding Patio Doors. Crafted of durable aluminum and designed to provide a wide open view and connect your interior and exterior living spaces.

4780 & 4880 Pocket Sliding Patio Doors

Features & Benefits

A Stunning Wall of Glass. Unique design creates a true open concept living area between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Design Versatility. Custom size options make the 4780/4880 pocket sliding patio doors an ideal fit for virtually any new construction home.

Dependable Strength. Extruded aluminum construction provides excellent durability.

Improved Thermal Efficiency. Thermally broken aluminum frame and panel on the 4880 series increases thermal performance.

Help Save Energy.  4780/4880 patio doors offer energy-efficient glass packages that deliver excellent performance for warmer climates.

Enhanced Weather-resistance. Weatherstripping around the entire door panel helps protect against wind and rain infiltration.

Enduring Beauty. Finish is electrostatically applied for detailed coverage that lasts.

Added Curb Appeal. Grilles between the glass in architecturally inspired patterns are an ideal way to complement your new home’s design.

Helpful Installation Features. Panels are individually packaged for ease of handling.

Smooth Performance. Tandem rollers can be adjusted to help the door panels open and close easily over time.

The 4780/4880 pocket sliding patio doors are covered by a 10-Year Glass Warranty. Click here for complete warranty details.

The 4780/4880 pocket sliding patio doors are available with special glass options that can help increase your home’s comfort, privacy and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency & Comfort

  • Optional Low-E glass packages help keep cooled air inside during summer and warm air inside during cooler months for more consistent interior temperatures.
  • If you live in a warmer region, Low-ESC glass offers solar cooling by reducing more of the sun’s warmth from entering through the glass.
  • High Performance HP glass packages feature Argon gas, much denser than air, which is sealed inside the insulating glass unit for increased thermal efficiency.
  • Increase thermal performance with a standard Warm Edge spacer on the 4780 patio door, while the 4880 patio door can upgrade to the Warm Edge Plus stainless steel spacer.

Fade Protection

  • Reduce fading of your furnishings, flooring and window treatments with optional Low-E glass that helps filter the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

Increased Privacy

  • You can enhance your privacy without sacrificing sunlight with available obscure patterned glass.

To enhance your home’s curb appeal, choose door grilles in architecturally inspired patterns. Grilles between the glass provide a smooth, easy-to-clean glass surface.

Grille Profiles
  • 5/8" Flat GBG
  • 3/4" Flat GBG

The 4780/4880 pocket sliding patio doors feature color-coordinated, adjustable hardware.

Door Handles
  • White
  • Black

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