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Ply Gem

200 Series Patio Doors

New Construction — Wood Composite
Ply Gem

200 Series Patio Doors

New Construction — Wood Composite

The 200 series hinged and sliding patio doors combine the look of wood with the durability of cellular PVC. They’re paint-ready for endless color options and are available with stylish metal hardware finishes.

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200 Series Wood Composite Patio Doors

200 Series Patio Doors Available in sliding and swinging styles, the 200 series combines the classic look of wood with durable cellular PVC for customizable color along with available transoms and side lites.

200 Series Wood Composite Patio Doors

Features & Benefits

Exterior primed sash and cellular PVC frame and brickmould are paint ready to provide endless custom color possibilities for your new home.

Select clear wood interior is stain-ready to coordinate with your new home. A primed interior is optional for endless painting options.

Durable, low-maintenance cellular PVC exterior frame and brickmould will never rot or decay.

Architecturally-inspired grille patterns make it easy to expand on your new home’s design and style.

Hinge door handle sets with matching hinges and strikes are available in stylish metal finishes to enhance your home’s décor.

Several exterior casing options make the 200 series the ideal choice for virtually any architectural or building style.

Hollow and foam-filled bulb weatherstripping on sliding doors and dual weatherstripping on hinged door panels reduce air and water infiltration.

A composite sill of wood, vinyl and aluminum will last season after season, year after year.

The 200 series offers energy-efficient glass packages that can be optimized for where you live to help reduce energy costs and keep your home consistently comfortable.

9/16” jambs make installation easier and eliminate extensive drywall work.

Peace of mind comes with a 20-Year Glass Warranty. See the 200 series warranty for complete details.

Your 200 series patio doors are available with high performing glass options that can help make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient and secure while reducing interior fading.

Energy Efficiency & Comfort

  • Optional Low-E glass packages feature a transparent coating that helps keep cooled air inside during summer and warm air inside during cooler months to help maintain even indoor temperatures season after season.
  • Choose a High Performance (HP) glass package with Argon gas, six times denser than air, sealed inside the insulating glass unit for even greater energy efficiency.
  • 200 series patio doors can be ordered ENERGY STAR® certified for all climate zones.

Sound, Safety & Security

  • Laminated glass, available on 200 sliding and hinged patio doors, can help make your home safer and more secure with a transparent but durable PVB interlayer that guards against forced entry and accidental breakage.

Fade Protection

  • Reduce the damaging ultraviolet rays that can fade your flooring, artwork and furnishings with optional Low E or laminated glass.

200 series door grilles in architecturally inspired patterns are a great way to enhance your home’s style. Choose from easy-to-clean grilles between the glass, simulated divided lites that provide the look of individual panes of glass, or grilles that can be removed to make cleaning easier.

Grille Profiles
  • 5/8" Flat GBG
  • 5/8" Sculptured GBG
  • 7/8" Flat GBG
  • 7/8" SDL
  • 1-1/4" SDL
  • 7/8" Wood Removable Grilles
  • 1-1/16" Wood Removable Grilles

200 series patio doors feature handle sets with matching hinges and strikes in attractive metal finishes to complement your home’s décor.

Door Handles
Center Hinged
  • Satin Nickel
  • Antique Brass
French Sliding
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
Sliding Patio
  • White
  • Sandalwood
  • Bronze

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