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Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System

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Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System

The patented Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System with Access Panel strengthens your gutters by supporting them from front to back and end to end. This protects them from sagging, warping or pulling. Our patented Aluma-Perf™ Technology offers superior leaf filter gutter protection by keeping leaves and debris from entering and blocking your gutters. Our lead gutter protection system offers guaranteed no-clog, no-overflow performance. Now you can keep a close eye on them through our new Access Panel. It’s simply a smarter, stronger solution!

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Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System

Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled Strength – Standard gutter hangers will fail at 357*. The Continuous Hanging System holds up to 858 pounds*
  • Continuous Hanging System – Standard gutter hangers are spaced, leaving weak spots along the gutter system. The Leaf Relief Continuous System supports the entire span delivering superior gutter strength, stability and durability
  • Low Maintenance –No more climbing ladders to clean your gutters
  • Patented Aluma-Perf™ Technology –  Keeps leaves, twigs and pine needles out of the gutter. Most small debris is cleared by 6 mph breeze with wet debris removed in 23 mph wind
  • Low Profile – Lays flat and fits snugly on top of your gutter for invisible protection
  • High Volume –Drains more than twice the highest recorded rainfall ever recorded per hour
  • Efficient Installation –Mounts directly to the gutter, eliminating the need to lift shingles and risk voiding roof warranty
  • Access Panel – For easy monitoring of your home’s gutter system
  • Weather and Pest Resistant – Mounts securely and stays in place, resisting high winds, snow, ice and pest invasion
  • 25-Year No Clog, No Overflow Warranty –Premium guarantee of lasting quality and peace of mind (see warranty for complete details)

*ATI Testing 2011

Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging System

Traditional, or sectioned gutters, are installed with spikes or hangers in pre-cut sections that are either sealed or soldered at the joints. Damage to joints between sections is a major cause for gutter leakage. Traditional gutter hangers also leave gaps that allow gutters to become dented, crushed, and distorted. These weak spots can cause the gutters to sag and pull away from the fascia. Flimsy gutters are prone to costly damage, including water infiltration in the roof, fascia, and foundation. Fixing these problems can cost you thousands of dollars; however, Ply Gem offers a cost-effective solution.

Our patented Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging System strengthens your gutters by supporting them from front to back and end to end. This entire-span support delivers unparalleled strength to protect your gutters from sagging, warping, and pulling year round. This patented continuous attachment system does not require standard gutter hangers, which eliminates weak spots, so your gutters stand up to wear and tear from ladders, heavy snow, ice, and more.

Not only does Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging System deliver superior gutter strength, stability, and durability, it also comes with our patented Aluma-Perf™ Technology for superior leaf filter gutter protection. The perforations along the surface allow water to drain properly while keeping gutters clear of leaves and debris. Our leaf gutter protection system can drain more than twice the highest recorded rainfall per hour to offer superior water damage protection for your gutters and home. Finally, our new access panel slides open so that you can check your gutters for easy monitoring.

Leaf Relief® offers guaranteed no-clog, no-overflow performance that requires virtually no maintenance. Our leaf gutter guards include a self-cleaning design in which leaves and debris lift away in normal wind conditions. This eliminates the need to climb a ladder to clean your gutters. It also saves you money on gutter cleaning, repair, and replacement.

Why Choose Ply Gem Leaf Relief?

Peace of mind comes standard with Leaf Relief® gutter protection for existing gutters. We are so confident in our Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging System that we have extended the warranty to 25 years! Our gutter guard systems offer exceptional returns on investment by protecting your gutters and home from costly water damage and reducing maintenance costs associated with gutter cleaning and repair. In fact, Leaf Relief, our high-quality gutter overflow guard, has protected over 100 million feet of gutter over the last decade—this is proven gutter protection that works!

Manufactured to exacting standards and rigorously tested, our smarter, stronger continuous hanging leaf filter gutter protection system delivers dependable performance you can depend on.

Leaf Relief Options

Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging System is available in several options, including classic, half-round, zip, and adjustable. Each option can fit both five- and six-inch gutters; however, it can be adjusted to fit 4-inch gutters also. Our leaf gutter protection system is made from heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum or copper to provide one of the most effective and strongest gutter systems on the market. Finally, matching accessories are available.

How Much Does Leaf Relief Cost?

The cost of our proven Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging System depends on your preferences. We have several available options that offer unique features to meet your needs. Use our How to Buy tool to find a Ply Gem Gutter dealer near you.

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