Winter Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Leave You Cold

Oh baby, it’s cold outside.

Often, when we think of home improvement projects we are drawn to the exterior of our homes – painting, siding, windows and landscaping. But, what can we do when the mercury drops and being outside, well, just hurts?

No need to worry, there are plenty of upgrades that can be made inside the warm confines of your home.

Aside from the typical bath and kitchen remodels, there are a variety of other projects that can add value and enjoyment to your home.

Winter is a great time for finishing the basement area.

basement reno

Be sure to get the needed permits and inspections. Adding space below grade adds valuable space to the home and can get the kids, or even the husband, into their own area. Maybe a “man cave” (or even “woman cave”) is a possibility?

Perhaps you want to gain added space by going up rather than down.


This is a great way to add a bedroom or play room to the house. Especially if you don’t have a basement. Have you ever been in an attic during the summer? It can get pretty hot up there. Winter is a great time to finish that space when it’s a little more comfort than in summer. Note: Be sure that you properly vent and insulate the area.

Adding a built in bookcase or mudroom bench are great weekend projects.


Designs can be simple, but the results are amazing.

For me personally, the colder weather brings me into the shop to clean and organize.


After my incident with a table saw this past summer, I learned “first hand” how important a clean shop is. Staying neat and organized will save time and increase the quality of your projects.

During winter I often work on equipment or automobile projects.

garage 1

I also accumulate way too much “stuff.” I try to take at least one weekend over the winter to clean that area as well. Having a place for everything helps keep my clutter and hoarding issues in check. I also have spare parts for many pieces of equipment I own and knowing where to find them is key.

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