Unique Styles

The French Country
Homeowners who love the French Country house style are likely drawn to the elegance and the flair of the style; are proud of his or her “inner fashion model” and not afraid to show it. Learn more about the French Country style from award-winning designer Deryl Patterson.

English Country
This old world style is far from stuffy. On the contrary, it is bold, sophisticated and exudes effortless elegance; a home buyer of the same caliber will find their match in the English Country home. Deryl Patterson will help guide you on what to look out for when considering combinations of brick and stone for the English Country look.

The style brings a sense of accomplishment and pride, giving the occupants a strong, confident façade. That’s a really good thing that shouldn’t be ignored. Deryl Patterson says the Georgian is a formal style firmly grounded in tradition and it is here to stay.

Folk Victorian
The Folk Victorian is a great style for self–expression and individualism without the worry—just go with what feels right. According to Deryl Patterson, a more fitting name for the Folk Victorian style category is Picturesque – the name alone conjures delightful images.

Modern Tuscan
If you’re a buyer looking for something fresh and new, that is both modern and nostalgic at the same time, Modern Tuscan is the choice for you, especially when you consider its affordability. The best part about the style is its old world roots with traditional roof forms will retain a timeless appeal over the years. Let Deryl Patterson introduce you to the Modern Tuscan style.

The prairie style maintains its relationship with the horizontal plane through its rich, earthy colors that appear to rise from the ground. Learn what the one word is that sums up Prairie style according to Deryl Patterson.

This style remains popular due to its timeless feel, but is not considered traditional, making it a perfect style for a young, confident buyer who wants something different than their parents house and without fear of the style becoming outdated. If you’re a bold individualist, but appreciate some of the simplicity and traditionalism of older home styles, you’ll likely love the Craftsman style. Find out if the Craftsman Style will win your heart for your next home project.

Low Country
The Low Country style is simple, which makes it easy and affordable to build. If you like things simple and stress-free—but can get a little whimsical and love bold color— this Low Country style probably speaks to you!