Questions to ask yourself about potential contractors

Welcome to the third and final post in this series on how to pick the best contractor for you. You should be feeling pretty good at this point—you’ve done your homework and know what to expect; learned how to evaluate a professional, and have questions prepped to ensure they run a smart, helpful business while in your home.

While it’s important to ask these qualifying and follow-up questions, it is just as important to ask yourself some questions during this process. No matter how qualified a contractor may be, you need to feel comfortable with them and confident in their ability to complete your project. You need to decide if they are a good fit and if they will work well with you in order to reach your goals.

Take note of how they speak to you and/or your significant other and family.

Do they talk down to you or are they helpful? If you feel like they would be easy to work with, the project will definitely run more smoothly. Are they a good communicator? You need good two-way communication in order to understand how things are going and what is expected of you during the project.

Ask about their workday schedule; specifically, start and stop times.

How do they handle bathroom needs? It may sound silly, but do you want people using your bathroom in the house? Requesting to have a portable toilet on-site may save you a lot of inconvenience or from experiencing an uncomfortable situation.

Ask yourself about any expectations you have regarding behavior on the job-site.

Some common behavior requirements are no smoking, no swearing, no consumption of alcohol or drugs, and no lewd comments and conversation. I have had clients request no loud rock music and that workers leave their shirts on. It is all within your right to ask. We are guests on your property, and we should be respectful of your wishes.

Be kind to the first person you meet.

Homeowners like to shop around before hiring a contractor—which is definitely important! But it is important to keep in mind that the contractor you engaged first will have to wait longer and give more ideas than the following contractors. Take that into consideration as you receive estimates and move on to the final decision of whom to hire.

I hope you feel prepared and ready to tackle your new construction or home remodel! Let’s build some pride in your home together.

Have any other tips, tricks or questions to ask when vetting a contractor? Share them in the comments.