Five Ways to Prep Your Patio For Summer

We’re no stranger to a fun summer get together, and we’re excited for a season packed with outdoor gatherings and celebrations. Read on to learn about how to transform your patio into a gathering place for your whole neighborhood.

Five ways to upgrade your backyard for summer.

1. Refresh your patio.

Is it time to refresh your patio? Here are a few ways you can give your patio a face lift.

Sliding Patio Door

This sliding patio door completely retracts to bring the as much of the outdoors in as possible.


Bi-folding Sliding Patio Door

Want a patio door that will perfectly frame your view? This sliding door may be right for your home.


Built In Stone Grill

Ready for grilling season? This decked out grill is perfect for the avid grill master.


Stone Fire Pit

Having a fire pit in your backyard gives you and your guests a place to cozy up on cool evenings. Learn more about adding stone to your home in our blog post here.

2. Show your lawn and garden some love.

Did you neglect your backyard this winter? If your grass is looking tall, fire up the mower and cut it back a few inches. DIY Network suggests these tips to ensure your lawn is nice and healthy:

  • Remove existing weeds by hand or with a handheld weeder to clean off the lawn
  • Apply grass seeds to bare spots
  • Set the height of the mower deck so that the grass is about 2 ½ to 3 inches tall
  • Alternate your mowing pattering by mowing at a 45 or 90 degree angle
  • Water and feed grass frequently during the hot summer months

3. Clean your patio.

When assessing where to start tidying up on your patio, we recommend sweeping the deck first. This helps you see areas on the patio that need the most work and removes the dust and debris from the previous season.

Check out your windows and siding. Do they need any maintenance? Now is the perfect time to weatherize your windows and clean your sidingto ensure they last for years to come.

4. Get rid of pesky insects.

One guest that’s never invited to an outdoor gathering is the pesky mosquito. Check your backyard surroundings for standing water that may be harboring insects that can quickly put a damper on your party. Don’t forget to look for corners where cobwebs might be hanging and remove all instances of any hiding spiders.

For outdoor pests that are a little bit larger than the average mosquito, do a thorough check around shrubs and foliage for critters that could wreak havoc on your garden or backyard. Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, make sure to spray to keep these pests at bay.

5. Fire up the grill.

If you’re going to host a backyard BBQ, make sure your grill is fired up and ready to go for the season. In addition to cleaning the cooking grates with a dry wire brush, read up on how to prepare some of the most sought after summertime grill recipes.

Enjoy your summer in style.

We’re not only ready for summer, but are excited to help you get your patio ready for all the entertaining that the season brings. If you’re ready to revamp your patio, find a pro today!