For Contractors and Installers, EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding from Mastic Elevates Plank Siding to a New Level

When remodeling the exterior of a high-end home, contractors need the most premium materials on the market to ensure lifelong beauty and performance for their customers. Historically, contractors’ choices have been limited, causing trade professionals to be stuck with the same old choices for exterior cladding – until now!

To provide contractors and homeowners with the best of both worlds, Mastic® Vinyl Siding & Accessories by Ply Gem has introduced the EverPlank luxury vinyl siding collection to its portfolio of innovative siding solutions. EverPlank is the newest category of plank siding that combines a true-to-wood look with the trusted performance and durability of vinyl. These reasons and more are why builder, general contractor and HGTV star Dave Marrs trusts EverPlank for his high-end home remodels.

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding Beauty Shot

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding in Quiet Willow

“EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding utilizes technology, energy, efficiency, and strength to drive innovation,” says Dave. “It is ideal for projects that warrant a luxurious aesthetic and rich color selection without the maintenance of wood or complicated install of fiber cement.”

Dave Marrs EverPlank Installation Shot

Builder, General Contractor and HGTV Star Dave Marrs


Ready to explore the benefits of EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding from an expert? Read on for Dave Marr’s top reasons for recommending EverPlank to trade professionals.


The beauty behind EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding comes from its striking similarity to natural wood that results in a classically sophisticated look and feel. “EverPlank achieves a true-to-wood look like no other siding with wider, flatter panels and a realistic wood grain texture,” says Dave.

EverPlank Detail Shot

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding in White


In addition to its 6-inch-wide plank-style construction and authentic wood-look body, EverPlank does not have any overlapping seams or exposed nails once installed, creating a high-end aesthetic that offers a unique upsell opportunity for contractors.

The luxury vinyl panels are available in 12 popular colors, including deep, premium hues such as Brunswick and Misty Shadow. For homeowners needing a bit more inspiration prior to decision making, the Mastic Home Design Visualizer tool allows contractors to upload a photo of their customers home and discover EverPlank color and accessory combinations that work best for the look they are trying to achieve.

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding Color Palette

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding is Available in 12 Luxurious Colors



Like many trade professionals, Dave Marrs prefers working with vinyl siding because of its durability and maintenance-free properties that result in fewer call-backs for the contractor. EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding takes durability to the next level with an innovative install method that includes interlocking panels and bonded seams to fasten the panels together on the wall both horizontally and vertically, offering security even in high winds.

Just like traditional vinyl siding, EverPlank resists warping and fading from extreme heat and UV rays, is water resistant, and never requires painting – saving homeowners an average of up to $1,500 per year that would otherwise be spent on repainting costs and labor of upkeep.

“These performance attributes of EverPlank stand out the most when pitching to a homeowner, as lifetime maintenance and return on investment are key factors in customer decision-making,” Dave shares.

Plus, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees beauty and performance for the life of the product, clients will feel extra confident that their siding is made to last.


Like traditional vinyl siding, EverPlank luxury vinyl siding installs easily and creates less dust during installation – eliminating the need for respirators on the jobsite. EverPlank also weighs less than competitive materials yet boasts a solid, reinforced construction that is easy to transport and work with on the jobsite resulting in less breakage.

While the installation process differs slightly from traditional vinyl siding, Dave emphasizes that the extra time spent learning the technique pays off because there are no additional steps, such as painting, post-installation.

“The great thing about EverPlank siding is that once it’s installed, that’s it — you’re done, and homeowners can immediately enjoy it.”

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding Being Installed

Another major advantage of installing EverPlank is that the butted seams and stackable locking design allow for the panels to be installed without the excessive overlapping errors commonly seen in traditional vinyl siding installs that can cause performance and appearance issues.

For comprehensive EverPlank installation instructions, download our step-by-step guide. 

Mastic also offers contractors and builders one-on-one training opportunities to learn how to properly install EverPlank via our certified instructors. To learn more about our training programs, click here.

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding in Brunswick

EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding in Brunswick


With cutting-edge design and performance, EverPlank luxury vinyl siding is the ideal siding solution for bringing your client’s high-end home remodel visions to life. Interested in EverPlank for your next project? Contact us to learn more.