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Seven Simple Tips for Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here and it’s almost time to put away your winter coat and open up the windows. But before you rush to let the sunshine in, you may want to knock out your spring cleaning checklist. You may find cleaning your windows at the very top!

Seven things to add to your spring cleaning checklist.

  1. Clean your windows


As you probably already know, the interior glass of your windows should be cleaned regularly with a glass cleaner and paper towel or soft cloth and exterior glass can be carefully hosed off using your garden hose.

  1. Cleaning your window screens

Cleaning your window screens can be done a little less frequently. This should be a yearly project and what better time than the spring? Window screens can be hosed off or vacuumed with the hose attachment on your household vacuum cleaner. Check out our handy article on cleaning your window screens provides more thorough step-by-step instructions.

  1. Clean your siding

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Cleaning your siding can be a daunting task. An occasional washing with a garden hose is recommended but may not be enough to remove mildew, caulk or tar. For DIY cleaning solutions check out our article on how to clean your vinyl siding.

  1. Inspect the roof

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Check your roof for missing or loose shingles, or other damage that could have been caused during winter storms. If you find missing shingles or a leak in your roof, contact a local professional immediately. It’s important to fix problem areas as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

  1. Prepare your deck or patio for use

If your deck is wood, you can clean it off with oxalic acid to kill microorganisms. After it has had 24 hours to dry, treat your deck with a sealant.

A mild detergent and water solution will keep your vinyl deck looking clean. For tough stains, baking soda should do the trick.

If you have a patio, you may want to give it a good scrub with a cleaner and stiff brush. You can also make your patio more inviting by adding stone. Stone is low maintenance and only requires scrubbing with a soft bristled brush. For more information on the cleaning process, check out our page on stone care and maintenance.

  1. Clean your outdoor furniture

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If you have the space, it’s best to store your outdoor furniture in a dry place during the winter. If you don’t have the space to store it, be sure to scrub it off prior to use. For tips and best practices on how to care for your outdoor furniture, check out Martha Stewart’s Outdoor Furniture Care Guide.

  1. Show your garden some TLC

Making a separate checklist for your garden may be a good idea. This should include:

  • Removing weeds and prune your spring-flowering shrubs
  • Planting new flowers
  • Adding mulch around flowerbeds, trees and shrubs
  • Applying fertilizer
  • Additionally, installing fencing to your garden can help keep out unwanted critters.

By adding these tasks to your spring cleaning checklist, you can keep your house looking spic and span all season long.