Siding Accents

Choose accents in shades that complement your siding for a seamless look or pick a contrasting color as a bold accent.


Fixed, decorative shutters add style and presence to your home’s most prominent windows.

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Trim frames, protects and adds a finishing touch to windows, doors and corners.

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These narrow “ceilings” bridge the gap between siding and roofline.

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This long, straight trim piece runs along the edge of the roofline, holding the gutters in place, protecting the home and adding that perfect accent.

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Utility and roof vents ensure proper airflow from appliances, fireplaces and exhaust fans.

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Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks create a base for installing lights, doorbells, faucets, meters, and more. They add that perfect touch to a perfect home.

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Green, Sustainable & Energy Efficient

At Ply Gem, we’re a leader in quality, sustainable, energy efficient choices. We design durable products that hold up to the elements and don’t require painting or staining. Options such as insulated siding and energy efficient windows help lower your utility consumption, minimizing your carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing practices

Recycling includes industrial and shipping materials

Local resources lessen fuel in transportation

Durable designs have a lighter impact on the environment