Ply Gem Stone Veneer: Unrivaled Quality, Lasting Beauty & Much More

For professionals looking for a high-quality manufactured stone veneer, the solution is Ply Gem Stone. Our all-masonry products are beautiful, reliable, and designed to pair perfectly with Ply Gem's family of exterior solutions


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Designed to pair beautifully with our entire family of exterior solutions, Ply Gem Stone seamlessly works together to elevate the curb appeal of your projects. Get timeless style, realistic texture, and unlimited combinations with Ply Gem.

Ply Gem Stone

Canyon Ledge

Layers of texture and color mimic the depth and beauty of a natural canyon, Canyon Ledge connects rustic comfort to artistic style. Carved from the landscape of a naturally worn and weathered ledge, this style adds native warmth to any setting.

Ply Gem Stone

Cascade Ledge

This versatile style works well with all types of architecture, especially contemporary settings. A mix of ledge stones and cobble jumpers fit tightly together to create long, clean lines with a detailed face texture.

Ply Gem Stone

Colonial Brick

Brick veneer lends a stately appearance to exteriors and is a great way to accent windows and doors. Inside it adds warmth to kitchen walls and fireplaces. Available in a variety of thicknesses and colors, brick veneer is a popular alternative to traditional brick because of its lighter weight and lower cost.

Ply Gem Stone

Cut Cobblestone

This beautiful profile mirrors the classic look of rough-dressed stone. The chiseled face, rectangular shapes and irregular sizes create an old-world look and feel. Available in a variety of colors, the effect is elegant and timeless.

Ply Gem Stone


Fieldstone features random shapes with smooth to slightly rugged faces that fit together like a giant puzzle. The effect is an informal, natural look that’s equally at home in traditional and contemporary settings. Considered a grouted stone, the mortar joint accentuates the uneven shapes of the stones.

Ply Gem Stone


This rustic style combines field and ledge stones with a smooth, split face. Varied shapes and sizes create a natural, organic look that works well in virtually any setting: interior or exterior, modern or traditional.

Ply Gem Stone

Shadow Ledgestone

Molded from a Civil War fence-row, this profile has a craggy texture and warm earth tones that create an organic, rustic appearance.

Ply Gem Stone

True Stack™

To make installation easy, individual stacked stones are molded into panels of varying lengths. The result is a tight-fitting, dry-stacked style with a rugged texture. The stones have a natural, uncut look with projecting edges. True Stack makes adding dry stack style simple.