Visualize Your Transformation

Are you ready to see what’s possible for your home? Snap a photo and go, or jumpstart your imagination with some of our sample homes.


Learn More About Color & Design

These expert insights on color and accents will broaden your perspective on what’s possible with your home exterior renovation. A color change is exciting, but it’s only the beginning.

Color Cues: Tips for Choosing Exterior Colors

Does the thought of choosing exterior colors for your home cause you panic? These simple tips can help you design with confidence.


Color Adds Character

No matter where your preferences fall on the color spectrum, there are many ways to incorporate color and bring life to the exterior of your home


Shutters: A Classic Finishing Touch

Part of our coordinated design palettes, our easy-to-install and virtually maintenance-free shutters instantly give your exterior that something extra that completes the look.


Find the Right Style Siding

Whether you admire a classic beaded design, rustic textures in natural earth tones, or vertical panels in smooth finishes, Ply Gem is a great choice every time. Learn about our three many siding styles and brands to find what fits your home perfectly.

Lap Siding

Lap Siding runs horizontally in long, even planks. The panel sizes, textures and finishes very, depending on the specific style.

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Shake & Shingle

Molded from hand-tooled, rough-sawn cedar shingles, Ply Gem shake & shingle and half-round panels.

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Vertical Siding

As its name implies, vertical siding, attaches straight up and down. It tends to make homes look taller and more contemporary. You can mix vertical and horizontal siding for dramatic effect.

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