Why Choose French Patio Doors?

French patio doors make a dramatic statement and achieve an effortlessly timeless look. French patio door design generally has a more classic aesthetic suitable for a home with a more traditional architectural style and décor.

Ply Gem offers French-hinged patios doors open outward or inward from the center. Although hinged french patio doors require more operational space, one advantage is that they can provide a large opening. This is beneficial for hosting parties with easy access to your patio and backyard and moving large furniture  in and out of the house. Our French outswing patio doors provide classic style coupled with unbeatable performance. 

We also offer French sliding doors, which offer timeless style in a sliding configuration that features easy-glide performance. Our sliding French doors are the perfect solutions if space around the door will be limited. These space-saving French doors are not only functional, but a beautiful element to add to your home’s design. 

Whether you are choosing from our  French-hinged patio door or our sliding French door, they all provide natural light, greater ventilation, increased energy‑efficiency, and charm to any room in the house. To meet your functional requirement and aesthetic needs, Ply Gem offers several styles of both new construction and replacement French patio doors.


Vinyl French Sliding Patio Doors

Our premium vinyl French sliding patio doors are highly durable, low maintenance and easy to clean. They are resistant to damage from harsh weather conditions, corrosion and insect infestations. Our vinyl French patio doors offer superior thermal performance for improved energy efficiency that can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. 

Featuring a broad stile and rail and easy glide performance, our sliding French patio doors impart the stature of an authentic French door that adds charm to any room while brightening up your home. They are a proven, affordable, attractive, and long-lasting option for new construction and renovation projects.

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Aluminum-Clad Wood French Patio Doors

Our aluminum-clad wood French patio doors offer the classic French look with a modern design to match any home’s architectural aesthetic or décor scheme. Aluminum-clad wood French patio doors combine a beautiful stain-grade wood interior with a durable aluminum-clad exterior that provides structural integrity and protects the wood interior from moisture and other elements.

Choose from sliding and swinging patio doors styles with a classic French look that delivers an enduring charm and long-lasting performance. They are offered in a vast selection of colors, hardware finishes, and grille  patterns to achieve the authentic French patio door look you desire.

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Wood Composite French Patio Doors

Our wood composite French patio doors combine the traditional look of wood with the durability of composite cellular PVC. Enjoy the  improved thermal performance and low-maintenance design of advanced composite materials. Our wood composite french patio doors also  offer enhanced resistance to damage from weather, moisture, corrosion, and insect infestation.

Wood composite French patio doors offer a great deal of design flexibility. Paint or stain the wood interior to match your home’s décor. Improve your home’s curb appeal by painting the exterior of your wood composite French patio door to make a bold statement. For further customization, choose from a wide selection of door handle sets in attractive metal finishes and grille patterns to complement the aesthetic of your new home or remodeling job.

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