Thank you for choosing Ply Gem products for your home. We know you will be pleased with how easy it is to maintain.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning Process

After the job is complete, if dirt and debris have accumulated on the stone, the stone may be thoroughly cleaned using detergent/water mixture and a soft bristled brush. This is required if dirt and debris have accumulated on the stone. For difficult stains, use a mild solution of one part white household vinegar to five parts water. Rinse the stone thoroughly when finished. DO NOT USE ANY ACID CLEANING OR HIGH PRESSURED SPRAYERS. This will permanently discolor the stone or expose the aggregate.


Efflorescence is usually a white residue that occasionally appears on concrete or masonry surfaces. Efflorescence results from moisture moving through concrete or mortar to the exterior surface. Migrating moisture can carry soluble salts from within the concrete or mortar and deposit them on the face of the product after the moisture evaporates. To clean efflorescence, scrub affected areas with a soft bristle brush and water. If that does not clean the surface, use a mixture of five parts water to one part white household vinegar. Acids and other cleaning agents or power washing techniques are not acceptable methods of removing efflorescence.


Sealing the stone is not required. If you choose to apply a sealer use only a penetrating and breathable silane, siloxane, or silicone-based masonry sealer. We recommend testing a small area first to determine if there are any undesirable effects. Some sealers may alter the color of the stone by making the surface darker or changing the sheen. Refer to the sealer manufacturer for recommended application, coverage, and maintenance.

*Most styles are sold in boxes of 10 square feet of coverage with a half inch mortar joint. Drystack applications will yield 8.5 square feet of coverage. True Stack cartons cover 10 square feet with no mortar joint.