The Science Behind UV-Resistant Vinyl Siding

How long will it last? What kind of maintenance does it require? These are among the most frequently asked questions from homeowners shopping for new home cladding, whether it’s vinyl, fiber cement or wood.

With dark, rich colors becoming more popular for use on home exteriors, homeowners want to know how often they might need to paint. After all, the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat, which can cause fading and warping, are often the biggest challenges home cladding faces.

For people who live in areas with extreme climatic conditions, such as high elevations with low humidity and rapid temperature swings, the answers to these questions could mean the difference between costly repainting every four to six years and a low-maintenance lifestyle.

This article will explore two cutting-edge technologies from Mastic® by Ply Gem: SolarDefense Reflective Technology™ and Western Extreme™ siding. Both defy the sun’s damaging rays to provide homeowners with rich colors durable enough to last a lifetime.

What is SolarDefense Reflective Technology?

SolarDefense is the result of advanced science, cutting-edge research and development, and innovative engineering. It can be added to Mastic vinyl siding as a type of sunscreen that protects the siding from fading and warping. SolarDefense has three layers, and here’s how they work:

How Does SolarDefense Work

SolarDefense is backed by a best-in-class V.I.P. 50-Year Lifetime Warranty that is fully transferable.

5 Benefits of SolarDefense

  1. Gorgeous dark colors: Choose from dark greys, greens and blues or saturated reds, browns and blacks without fear of fading.
  2. Protection against heat: Rest assured, siding boards won’t distort when temperatures rise.
  3. Protection against fading: Skip the painting and enjoy a low-maintenance exterior.
  4. Designed for durability: Have peace of mind with the 50-Year Lifetime Warranty that includes the industry’s only No Fade, No Distortion Promise.
  5. Easy to maintain: Avoid costly and time-consuming maintenance such as caulking and painting. Instead, simply rinse the siding off with a garden hose when it gets dusty.

MAS22 SolarDefense Carvedwood D4 Natural

Which Mastic by Ply Gem vinyl siding includes SolarDefense?

SolarDefense is exclusively available on premium colors included in the following Mastic vinyl siding collections.

  • Mastic Carvedwood•44: Choose from two woodgrain profiles (Double 4″ and Double 4.5″ Dutch-Lap) with nine SolarDefense color options, including Alpine Forest, Brandy Wood, Deep Cavern, Newport Bay, Natural Slate, Red Brick, Woodland Retreat, Rock Harbor and Whispering Timber.
  • Ovation™: Select from two woodgrain profiles (Double 4″ and Double 4.5″ Dutch-Lap) with four SolarDefense color options, including Natural Slate, Newport Bay, Brandy Wood, Red Brick.
  • Board + Batten Designer Series™: Create accents or use it as the dominant siding, this vertical style lends itself to modern and traditional styles in four SolarDefense colors, including Deep Cavern, Natural Slate, Rock Harbor and Newport Bay.

What is Mastic Western Extreme vinyl siding?

Western Extreme vinyl siding featuring InfraBlock Technology™ offers exterior contactors the opportunity to provide homeowners with a low-maintenance lifestyle, even in harsh Western climates in high elevations where arid conditions, low sun angles and rapid temperature changes can cause home cladding to fade, warp and rot. Standard vinyl siding that is traditionally thin is not an option in these conditions.

How does Western Extreme vinyl siding work?

  • Extra-thick panels and a unique locking system stand up to harsh weather and extreme temperatures.
  • Advanced polymers and special pigments reflect damaging infrared rays and reduce heat buildup to resist warping and fading.
  • The advanced locking system and nail hem hold panels in place through the harshest weather, including winds up to 160 mph

western defense infra block technology

With Western Extreme, homeowners can potentially save up to $6,000 each time the home would have needed to be repainted —  that’s nearly $25,000 over 20 years. And they can choose from neutrals or rich, saturated colors that truly make a statement, including:

  • Deep blacks and greys: Iron, Deep Granite, Harbor Grey
  • Lush greens: Dublin, Quiet Willow, Scottish Thistle
  • Bottomless blues: Brunswick, Everest, English Wedgewood
  • Landscape-inspired earthtones: Pebblestone Clay, Misty Shadow, Montana Suede, Rugged Canyon
  • Traditional neutrals: Silver Grey, Wicker, Desert Sand, Victorian Grey, White

Western Extreme is available in two styles of lap and Board + Batten siding, all with realistic woodgrain texture, for the ultimate design versatility.

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