UV-Resistant & Anti-Fade Technology

Instead of absorbing the sun’s heat, ultraviolet waves and infrared light, Western Extreme’s proprietary technology resists fading and reflects the damaging rays away from your home. Advanced polymers and special additives disperse heat while a special pigment holds strong even during rapid temperature changes. The extra-thick panels and unique locking system ensure this weather-resistant vinyl siding hangs tough through it all.

Ply Gem performs extensive testing to ensure that our vinyl siding for extreme weather conditions will protect your house from harsh conditions without being damaged by UV light or other climate-related damage.

Ply Gem’s vinyl siding for extreme weather conditions can match a wide range of design styles. Making Western Extreme a protective and visually appealing choice for your home.

Engineered to be strong

Extra thick panels and a unique locking system hold up to harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

Protection against heat

Our advanced polymers and special pigments reflect damaging rays and reduce heat buildup.

Compatible with Carvedwood style

Western Extreme is specially designed to work with Carvedwood for ultimate installation flexibility.