What You Need to Know About Wood Windows

Windows can be made from multiple materials, mainly wood, clad, vinyl, and aluminum. Each of these materials offer different benefits that may suit you and your home. Wood is the most traditional window frame material and tends to standout from the rest with the most benefits. Let’s take a look at wood windows and the many benefits of this window material.

Wood Windows Are Traditional

If you’re looking for a traditional look and a historic window frame material for your windows you have probably considered wood windows. The first window frames ever made were crafted from wood, so this material choice has a long history and provides a classic look and feel for any home.

These traditional windows remain a very popular choice, especially in historic residential neighborhoods. A wood window frame and window sash can last for decades. However, in order to achieve this longevity, regular maintenance, painting or staining is required.

Wood Windows Are Energy Efficient

According to HGTV, wood windows offer the best insulative value, making this window material the most energy efficient. But, keep in mind, wood windows will also expand and contract in response to weather conditions.

Wood Windows and Doors Give You Options

Wood windows can be painted or stained to match your home making their design versatility unmatched. Wood allows any homeowner the option to vary the interior look from room to room in the home, while maintaining a consistent exterior color for curb appeal.

Wood can be painted white or stained to provide the light clean look of maple or fir in a bright kitchen or the dark and rich look of cherry or mahogany in a dining room or home office. Alternatively, wood windows in kids bedrooms can be painted bold primary colors and stained with the traditional look of oak in the master suite – the choices are unlimited.