Form and Function: Get Style & Sustainability with Structure Insulated Siding from Mastic - Ply Gem

Form and Function: Get Style & Sustainability with Structure Insulated Siding from Mastic

When Maddie Font – half of the award-winning country music duo Maddie + Tae – and her husband, Jonah, purchased their first home in Nashville, they loved the potential of the expansive Tennessee property. However, the home had a very monotone, warm-brown color palette that had weathered over time and the exterior of the home didn’t quite feel like them 

Maddie had a relationship with the Ply Gem brand, performing at the International Builders Show and during a Home for Good project build. So, when the Fonts needed some exterior assistance, they worked with Pinnacle Home Improvements to call on Ply Gem. Together, they chose to utilize Ply Gem’s premium vinyl siding brand – Mastic and its Structure Home Insulation System. This insulated siding collection is the epitome of form and function – enhancing curb appeal while simultaneously insulating better than any other competitive cladding product. 

Tighter Seams & Broader Boards for Added Curb Appeal

For this project, Maddie and Jonah wanted to emulate the on-trend high-contrast look of white siding and black trim. In addition, they wanted a more traditional wood-look to complement the design while integrating a timeless element. The Mastic Structure Single 7” panel was the perfect selection. The combination of rigid foam insulation and durable vinyl siding results in a solid panel that mimics traditional wood siding with tighter seams for attractive, straight lines and added curb appeal. The panels are also broader than many vinyl siding offerings, with foam backing, double nail hem and secure locking system to help maintain its shape under pressure.  

before after siding

Full Coverage for Continuous Insulation

In addition to its enhanced curb appeal, Mastic’s Structure Single 7” siding panel boasts an R-Value of 2.7, more than double that of competitive cladding products, resisting heat travel at an exceptional level.  Most homes have insulation between the studs in exterior walls, but heat can escape in winter (and enter the home in summer) through gaps and holes around windows, doors and across wall studs. Structure Home Insulation System not only covers exterior walls with a layer of continuous insulation, it also covers problem areas around windows, doors and corners. 

structure comparison


Beauty, Strength & Peace of Mind


We chose Structure … because it’s got a foam backing that will help those warmer months not be so warm inside the house, and those colder months here in Nashville not be so cold. We love how this turned out.


before after

Now, thanks to the Structure Home Insulation System, not only do the Fonts have the exterior look they’ve always dreamed of, but they’ll save energy throughout the year. Structure’s thick layer of insulation boosts the R-value of the exterior walls, reducing energy consumption and helping to shrink their carbon footprint

In addition, their growing family will have peace of mind knowing that their home (and investment) is protected thanks to Mastic’s limited lifetime warranty.