Bring Drama to Design with Black Exterior Accessories

Over the years, we’ve seen a trend in exterior design to utilize both dark and neutral colors throughout exterior designs to create contrast and drama in the overall look. Even in 2024, this trend continues to evolve, with “modern black” being recognized as one of the exterior paint color trends in an article by Better Homes & Gardens titled “9 Exterior Paint Color Trends You’ll be Seeing in 2024.

Ashley McCollum, a color expert, emphasizes the rise in popularity of darker hues and mentions that dark exteriors now embrace a touch of vibrancy. Blacks and dark grays with earthy undertones are being adopted to enhance visual appeal. Exterior contractors in 2024 need to deliver on this trending look, and that’s where the varied product options offered by the Ply Gem portfolio come in handy. From shutters and soffits to blocks, mounts, and vents, Ply Gem provides everything needed to bring projects together while minimizing homeowners’ maintenance efforts.

Black Home Accessories Add Stunning Design Elements

Accessories play a vital role in creating a stunning exterior design. By incorporating black accents throughout the exterior, one can achieve dramatic contrast across all surfaces. This can be achieved through vents, available in various shapes and sizes, including both decorative and functional options. Blocks and mounts can be used for items like light fixtures, home numbers, electrical equipment, meters and more.

black home accents add drama

These matte black products have been specially engineered to withstand fading over time, ensuring a sleek look for the exterior for years to come. Additionally, Ply Gem’s new line of black accessories perfectly complements existing black building materials, allowing for a fully cohesive look.

Black Shutters Bring Dimension & Contrast

When it comes to making a simple yet impactful upgrade to a home, adding or changing shutters is a great choice. With three styles and a wide range of size options available, black shutters can be incorporated into almost any style of home. They can be used to offset a lighter exterior and create contrast or to add further dimension to a darker exterior. Ply Gem’s black shutters can be conveniently purchased through distributors and retailers nationwide.

black shutters

Black Exterior Trim Offers Options

Achieving black trim largely depends on the material used to clad a home. For a more cost-effective option than repainting the full exterior, consider painting your wood or PVC trim black. Or, black metal trim could be replaced or installed. This can tie a look together and also in some cases simulate the look of black windows without a full replacement.
black accent trim

Black Gutters to Achieve a Cohesive Exterior Design

Last, black gutters have increased in popularity recently and work seamlessly with black trim and other accessories to round out a fully cohesive look.
black gutters

This trend has been steadily increasing over the last few years and seems to be here to stay. Check out our black accessory gallery for other design ideas and inspiration. And, if you are able to incorporate any of these ideas into a future project, be sure to share on social media and tag @PlyGem.