Patio Doors: 4 Steps to Choosing the Best Patio Door

A new patio door can breathe life into your outdoor space and bring the outdoors in.

Now that it’s summer, you’re likely hosting more backyard gatherings and you need your exterior to reflect your unique style. As your resource for home improvement inspiration, we recommend refreshing your patio with one easy update – a new patio door.

Replacing your patio door is a simple process and doesn’t have to take much time or cost. We’ve outlined the four steps of buying a patio door to help you get started.

The first step: Determine your budget.

Step 1: How much does a patio door cost?

Home Advisor Door Cost

According to an article by HomeAdvisor, homeowners spend between $507 and $1408 to install a door. Each homeowner’s door installation will cost different though, because there are many factors that can affect the cost of a patio door. Cost will depend on the size and scope of the job, whether it’s interior or exterior and what kind of door is being installed.

Now that you have an idea of how much a new patio door will cost, it’s time to choose a patio door style that’s right for your needs. Learn about the two most popular patio door styles below.

Step 2: Choose the best patio door style for your home.

To help you choose the best patio door for your home we’ll discuss the different benefits of each patio door style so you can make an informed decision.

1. Sliding Patio Doors

Best Sliding Patio Door

Sliding patio doors fit perfectly in rooms where there isn’t an abundance of space. Thanks to their sliding functionality, they don’t take up extra space when opened. Plus, with multiple glass panels, they offer an expanded view of your outdoor space and bring in an ample amount of natural light to brighten your interior.

Security is an important part of any home, and though sliding doors may look delicate, they are strong enough to keep out unwanted elements like severe weather. The secret to the strength lies in the construction. According to an article by Property 24, homeowners should look for sliding doors with incorporated gaskets, aluminium seals and fixed leaves where these elements meet. These things ensure the protection of your home.

Do a favor for your home and the environment by incorporating sliding patio doors. Why? The glass offers energy efficiency, which makes your more comfortable and can save you money on your annual energy bill.

2. Hinged or French Patio Doors

Best French Patio Doors

What is a French door? The difference between French patio doors and sliding patio doors is really just the way they operate.

French patio doors can be hinged on either side of the door and open outward or inward. If you like this look, you want to make sure you have extra room in your living area for the doors to open. Because of their more intricate appearance, French doors are more commonly used in homes that have traditional architectural styles.

If you’re someone who enjoys hosting a summer get together, this could be the ideal door style for your home. French patio doors can be dressed up with a bright color or trendy window treatment or look stylish on their own. It’s the perfect way to incorporate the warm summer air into your home and refresh your patio.

Once you know whether a French or sliding patio door is right for you, you can begin customizing it to fit your home’s decor.

Step 3: Choose custom styling for your patio door.


So, you’ve decided on which patio door fits best in your space. Now, how do you blend it into your home’s existing style? Ply Gem offers many ways to customize your doors to match your home’s interior design, from custom colors to a variety of patio door hardware and glass options. Learn more here.

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Step 4: Ready to buy a patio door? Find a pro in your area.

Feeling inspired yet? If you’re ready to refresh your patio and value to your home, look no further than French door patio doors or sliding patio doors from Ply Gem. With countless color options, it’s easy to create the look you’ve always dreamed of. Go ahead, take the first step, and find a pro in your area today.