Home Design Trends

Exterior design trends have changed fairly significantly over the last several years. Homeowners want to embrace their need for change and feel positive about their home’s appearance, while at the same time remain financially and environmentally responsible. Changes in both the economy and consumer thinking have led homeowners to choose comfort over size in new homes and in many cases the choice to remodel an existing home over buying new.

Gone are the days of big, showy homes and the “keeping up with the Jones” mentality. Homeowners are looking for houses that incorporate products and materials that are easy to maintain, friendly to the environment, and show their personal style, all without sacrificing great design.

A focus on low maintenance and eco-friendly materials

Durable and sustainable materials are on the top of most homeowner’s wish lists when it comes to the exterior of their home. Some of the most popular home exterior products today are trendy and stylish because of their durability, sustainability and beauty. Homeowners want materials and products that have high value, a long lifespan, and a positive impact on the environment. Stone veneer is particularly popular because it’s affordable, easy- to-install and offers a variety of color and texture options. Vinyl siding is another favorite exterior finish because it is cost-effective, easy to care for, and available in many styles and colors. PVC trim looks and fastens like wood, but won’t absorb moisture or insect damage like wood does.

Creativity with color

Color is a great way to customize the look of your home’s exterior. It’s not uncommon today to even use a combination of complementary colors on different parts of the exterior such as siding, garage doors, windows, railings trim, porches and decks. Great color done right can go a long way in delivering a distinctive look and curb appeal to your home. While the color options today are more extensive than ever, it’s important to keep the style of your home in mind when choosing colors. For example, Victorian homes tend to incorporate multiple colors to highlight their intricate details while a Craftsman-style home is likely to combine rich, warm tones. An increasing number homeowners are incorporating bold color palettes into their exterior design – giving their home exterior custom curb appeal and brings a touch of character to the neighborhood.

Timeless styles

Home styles are as varied as the homeowners living in them. Styles are often influenced by regionality or the economic conditions in a market. Yet in recent years there’s been a return to classic, architecturally-accurate home design. Some of the most popular styles today include: French Country, Prairie, Victorian and Craftsman. Craftsman style homes typically boast large, deep porches supported by distinctively bold square pillars – a look that’s gaining popularity nationwide. While many traditional styles tend to be purposeful in design, Victorians are rich in flair and ornamentation. Tuscan (or Mediterrean) designs often include stucco, tile roofs, open-air verandas, and porches and are most commonly found in the sunbelt states. While historically many of the architecturally specific homes were based large square footage, today’s builders are responding to buyers who want beauty and style to fit a smaller, more manageable footprint.

A higher level of design

Homeowners are looking for architecture that is distinctive and pleasing to the eye. This typically means a house that will stand the test of time and has authentic detailing – true to its particular architectural style. People are more willing to put budget toward sustainable style – design features such as stone, shutters, accessories, authentic (& efficient) window styles, and columns which provide special character details that impact curb appeal and give a custom look to a home’s exterior.

Lastly, when planning your home exterior design, paying close attention to your surroundings is key to creating a beautiful and unique look that’s also appropriate for the area in which you live. Keep these trends in mind and you’ll be well on your way to a great exterior home design.

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