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Gray is the New Beige in House Colors

For homeowners, it can be really difficult staying on top of home design trends. Especially when updating certain aspects of your home only happens once or twice in a lifetime, like your siding or windows.

Fortunately, there are a few home design trends that look like they’re here to stay – one of them being gray.

A few years ago, nobody had gray in their homes. Outside walls were mostly beige. Now, those that don’t have gray on their homes are jumping on the bandwagon. But this has many homeowners wondering – is it too late? Is gray on the way out?

Most home design experts say no. Gray is the new standard.

In particular, neutral gray will be big in 2018. The undertone of this neutral hue is not particularly warm or cool which makes it more versatile. A classic color that will never go out of style. The best part? It works wonderfully all year around.

So, how can you stay on top of this color trend and use gray on your home?

Here are three ways you can incorporate gray into your home.

1. Gray Siding

The ultimate way to add gray to your home is with gray siding. Because gray is so versatile it can easily be mix and matched with just about any accent colors and trim you can dream of.

Here are a few gray siding ideas.

Wood accents stand out against this light silver gray siding with white windows.

BlogBanner GreySiding

Blue gray siding is an ideal compliment to this cream stone veneer accent wall.


Black shutters and white windows pop against this dark gray shake siding.


2. Gray Windows

Gray is the new black in window colors. This window color trend has emerged throughout the past few months and is growing quickly in popularity.

What makes gray windows so wonderful? They can be seamlessly integrated into just about any existing home decor and will make your house stand out from the rest of the house in your neighborhood.

Here are a few gray window ideas.

Gray windows stand out against this pale green siding and white trim.


Gorgeous American home with blue exterior and white trim.

Dark gray windows make a statement next to this light gray siding and cream stone accents.

GrayWindows 1

3. Gray Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a growing home design trend that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Stone veneer is easy to customize and gives a vivid pop of color and texture to any space, whether you use it indoors or outdoors.

Here are a few gray stone veneer ideas.

Dark gray stone veneer adds character to this garden.


Gray stone veneer walls add texture and contract to this living room.


Ready to add gray to your home?

Visualize what new gray siding or gray stone veneer will look like on your home with our home design tool. This tool lets you see what colors will look like on your home before you make a commitment. Try a color scheme developed by our design experts, or create a gray color palette that’s all your own. Click here.