Create a Cozy Fall Outdoor Living Space Perfect for Gatherings

Summer time poolside with friends was fun, but fall is here and not a moment too soon! Fall brings beautiful leaves, blue skies, brisk breezes, and of course, football. It’s time to start thinking about gathering with friends around the TV to watch the games.

With the advent of flat screen TVs that mount on the wall, watching football is so much more enjoyable outside. But sometimes, tailgating in a parking lot is more work than it’s worth. Why not bring the party and grill to your home sports bar? Plus, winding down after the game is much more fun when you don’t have to sit in traffic to get home.

Outdoor Living Floorplan

Here’s how you can enjoy the games at home, while still getting outdoors.

Tips to Create a Fall Outdoor Living Space Perfect for Gatherings

Fall is the best season for grilling.


Fall is the perfect season for grilling. Consider installing an outdoor kitchen on your lanai, complete with grill, sink, and refrigerator. Keeping the mess (and crowds) outside is worth the investment alone.

An outdoor fireplace will keep you warm.

Ribbon Fireplace Fall Outdoor Living

Because the days and nights are cooling down, we need to find ways to stay warm in order to stay outside longer. That covered lanai was great during the hot summer days, but a little extra warmth is appreciated this time of year. A ribbon fireplace brings the heat with some modern flare. Not to mention, a fire simply brings people together. It can be wood burning or gas fueled, I prefer gas because start up is easy and you can simply turn it off when you are done.

Outdoor space heaters will help keep the fall chill away.

If you are past the construction phase of your home, consider adding restaurant style portable heaters to your lanai. These come in a variety of shapes, styles, and prices, so finding the right one is rarely an issue. Because they are propane fueled, they are easy to clean and are easy to operate. Portable outdoor heaters can be rather bulky, so make sure you have a sizeable storage closet near the lanai to put them away when not needed.

A fall firepit is an easy addition to any home.

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Moving beyond the covered outdoor space, consider a fire pit or fire bowl for when the sun goes down. They even make multi-purpose bowls with table tops so you can have a place to set your drink down during the day before you build a fire later.

Whatever your outdoor activity, cherish this time of year by getting outside. As always, a little advance planning can help you enjoy the outdoors year-round.

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