Contractor and HGTV Star Dave Marrs Trusts Mastic® Tools, Training, & Support To Help Get The Job Done Right

“For me, getting it right means getting it right from the start, from design to delivery to daily living. I look to Mastic’s support, training, and tools to make sure that happens”

When it comes to a contractor-client relationship, trust can make or break a project. For contractors, this means having a product they believe in, backed by support they have confidence in.

“There are so many decisions that go into a home remodel,” says Dave Marrs, contractor, craftsman and HGTV star. “And to have that curb appeal, that first impact that the homeowner is looking for, it needs to be done right. For me, getting it right means getting it right from the start, from design to delivery to daily living. I look to the Mastic brand and their best-in-class support to make sure that happens.”


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Mastic’s Home Visualizer takes the guesswork out of getting started by letting contractors and homeowners envision what the final product will look like before a single plank is purchased. With ready-to-use palettes that include colors curated by designer and HGTV host Jenny Marrs, contractors can be confident that the final product will be exactly what their client envisioned.

“When a homeowner is reimagining what their home could be or just starting from scratch, it can be really daunting,” says Dave. “Jenny loves how the Mastic Home Visualizer helps the homeowner literally visualize what their home could look like. You can get all the accents, all the color, all the siding, everything you need to make the home exactly what the homeowner wants — and GCs can do it all from their phone on the job site.

Plus, contractors who use visualizer tools report up to a 60% boost in deal closures and up to a 300% surge in total project value. With no learning curve for beginners, and advanced tools for experts – all contractors can benefit from this free tool and impress homeowners with proposals containing multiple designs, each at different price points.

“In addition to the reassurance that the design elements all work together, you also know that getting your building materials from Mastic means you’re going to have performance and durability,” Dave added.


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Mastic offers one of the industry’s largest product portfolios of high-performing vinyl siding and accessory solutions. Contractors know that the right solution can vary from region to region, budget to budget, and style to style. Mastic siding experts work directly with building professionals and their distribution partners to identify their needs and create customized training programs.

Additionally, Mastic makes selling to homeowners easier with best-in-class samples and marketing materials that showcase the wide range of color offerings, realistic textures, and diverse profiles. Quick cut samples, brochures, fan decks, hand boards and bookshelf binders are all available for contractors to assist in sell and upselling their projects.

“Time and again, I’ve turned to Mastic for personalized support that helps me not only sell the job, but also complete jobs on time,” said Dave.


The more contractors choose Mastic, the more they get rewarded with business building tools as well as fun lifestyle merchandise to enjoy. The Cornerstone Building Brands Rewards program offers access to specialized business solutions, rewards and rebates, sales tools, and travel incentives to help contractors succeed both on and off the jobsite.

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“Mastic is a partner for builders, allowing them to learn more and earn more while purchasing a product homeowners love,” says Dave.

Contractors can find program details and enroll at


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With an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty that guarantees lasting protection, contractors can be confident in Mastic’s long-lasting performance. Cornerstone Building Brands Rewards members also enjoy a V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers the product for as long as the original installers live in the home — and then some. If the homeowner sells their house, the warranty is transferable and the new owners are covered for 50 years from the date of original installation, allowing contractors to give their clients the gift of confidence – and greater resale value.

“When a product combines unmatched quality with the assurance that it will last, it’s a win-win. That’s why I use Mastic siding,” says Dave.

For contractors, it’s critical to have the confidence of no call backs.

“When you leave the construction site having done a job with Mastic, you leave the job with knowing you’ve installed a product that both you and your homeowner can rely on,” adds Dave.

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Building and remodeling a home comes with difficult decisions and unexpected challenges, but selecting and installing high-quality siding doesn’t have to be one of them. Mastic empowers and enables contractors to bring their clients’ visions to life, becoming a partner in helping them grow their businesses. With Mastic’s specialized business tools and contractor services, contractors can rest easy knowing they have their clients’ backs, and Mastic has theirs.