Designer and HGTV Star Jenny Marrs Knows Home Starts at the Curb

“There is never a second chance for a first impression. Mastic vinyl siding is an easy, high-quality investment with immediate and lasting impact”

When remodeling or selling a home, a lot of consideration goes into the interior: Is the kitchen up to date? Is there enough natural light? But the exterior is just as important. In fact, a recent study* revealed that curb appeal can impact the valuation of a home by as much as 7%. What’s more, curb appeal is key for day-to-day home happiness. Just ask designer and HGTV star Jenny Marrs, who, along with her contractor and craftsman husband Dave Marrs, has created a business of improving house values and making them inviting.

“Achieving that complete sense of welcome begins well before you walk in the front door,” says Jenny. “It starts at the curb.”

We sat down with Jenny to glean some design advice for refreshing a home’s outside. Read on for a few tips, from selecting stylish siding to layering lighting.


Jenny likes to start with a home’s facade, a fix that’s fabulous in many ways.

With Mastic vinyl siding, you can get an immediate boost in aesthetics that has lasting impact with its healthy return on investment. According to a remodeling industry report*, homeowners who renovate their homes with vinyl siding recoup 94.7% of the job cost upon resale.

When it comes to the look, Jenny says selecting the right color for your home’s siding is crucial. Mastic has a wide range of timeless and on-trend colors and styles, ensuring you find the right fit for you.

jenny marrs matching palette colors

“Your home should reflect your personality,” says Jenny. “Mastic has an extensive portfolio of colors, so you’re going to find that perfect color to make you feel at home. And you can be assured that color is going to look as eye-catching and welcoming today and into the future.”

Mastic, part of the Ply Gem brand family, uses proprietary technology to protect siding from whatever Mother Nature sends your way, including harsh UV rays that would otherwise be destructive to vibrant colors.

Mastic’s industry-leading limited lifetime warranty means your curb appeal is protected for decades. And if you decide to sell your home (and cash in on that 7% valuation bump), that warranty can transfer with the house.


complementary trim and shutters everplank

Selecting trim, shutters and other accents that complement the home without clashing is key, but it can be difficult to envision the finished product. The Mastic Home Visualizer tool lets you see the final look before purchasing anything, saving time and money. Jenny recently worked with Mastic to curate a collection of exterior palettes that reflect her distinct style and feature a variety of Mastic siding and accessory options. With the Visualizer, you can browse and select these designer-driven, ready-to-use colors and products that will make your home pop.

“With Mastic’s Home Visualizer tool, you can take the guesswork out of perfecting your own curb appeal,” says Jenny. “I curated a collection from their siding portfolio that is universal enough to be stunning on any style home, any time of day, but easy enough to mix and match so that combinations are still brimming with character.


Jenny adds that details, such as lighting, doors, and vintage touches – including original doorbells – can boost curb appeal.

“Layered lighting is always helpful,” says Jenny. “Exterior wall sconces or pendants, recessed lighting on a front porch, a porch ceiling fan, and landscaping lighting can all add beauty and function to your home’s exterior.”

amplifying curb appeal with lighting

When adding these details to a house or porch, you should consider the details that help the accessories blend seamlessly into the structure. Ply Gem’s mounting blocks – which provide a smooth, stable surface for installing accessories – have true color match technology to ensure exterior lighting seamlessly integrates with Mastic’s collections of vinyl siding. This small touch makes certain accessories complement, rather than detract from, the design.


“A wooden front door adds warmth, while a painted front door can add contrast to the color of the exterior siding,” says Jenny. “To save money on a new front door, I like to use a fiberglass option and paint it with a pop of color for instant charm.”

marrs 1929 bungalow restoration after ply gem

Because Ply Gem shutters and accents are finished with Sherwin-Williams premium colors and coatings, they can easily be matched or contrasted with other exterior colors and finishes.

And, Jenny says, any detail that makes your home stand out and tells a story helps with curb appeal, whether that’s a vintage doorbell or mail slot or even antique-style house numbers.

How you feel when you look at your home impacts how you live in it. Luckily, you don’t have to be a designer to create a beautiful home exterior.

“There is never a second chance for a first impression,” says Jenny. “Mastic vinyl siding is an easy, high-quality investment with immediate and lasting impact.”

*Source: Zonda 2023 Cost vs. Value Report

jenny marrs palette on visualizer

Interested in Mastic’s partnership with HGTV star Jenny Marrs or want to check out her Collection of Mastic Palettes?

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