Color Trends

Confidence Begins Here

color trendsThe color you choose for your home is every bit as important as the materials you put on it. It brings out the detail, sets the tone and makes a statement. How do you pick house colors to ensure that your beautiful home will be a timeless masterpiece? Easy. Ask the color trend experts, embrace their hand picked collections and eliminate the guesswork in your home makeover.

Color Adds Character

No matter where you fall on the color comfort spectrum, there are ways, small and large, to incorporate color and bring life to the exterior of your home.

Your home’s desperate cry for color

Most of us homeowners are desperate for color—and end up sacrificing architecture in order to live in a house that isn’t just ordinary looking. Learn how to not sacrifice your style.

Good news – color is in again

Keep in mind that color and materials choices should reflect your personality and can, with very little effort, to boast a custom look with remarkable curb appeal. See how you can still reflect your personality.

Color Cues: Tips for Choosing Exterior Colors

Does the thought of choosing exterior colors for your home cause you panic? See how to adjust your thinking about color on your home.

Brights Return to the Color Palette

Homeowners and designers are more likely to work stronger colors into homes as accents, applying them to a single wall or architectural details, or through furnishings and accessories. Learn how classic colors are taking center stage.