Change your exterior

Look around your neighborhood. You’ll likely see familiar home designs: split-level, ranch, colonial. Your neighbor’s house probably looks like yours, and yours probably looks like six others on the block.

Mass-produced housing between the 1950s and 1980s caused many homes to lose the coveted originality and architectural appeal seen in prior decades.

The lack of personality and curb appeal may have you thinking about making a change to the exterior: a full-blown remodel! But where do you begin? We have some tips!

Tip #1: Do not be afraid

“Many times, homeowners are nervous to do more than replace existing windows or siding with new versions of the same product, simply because they can’t visualize the possibilities for their home exterior,” says Vicki Frye, marketing communications manager for Ply Gem.

Try turning to digital home remodeling tools to brainstorm. The Designed Exterior Studio allows consumers to experiment with new colors and style options for siding, stone veneer, windows and more, and then easily share with a contractor. Tools like these help to weed out what resonates and what doesn’t.

Tip #2: Do your homework

When going into a remodel, research is key and can help consumers feel confident and prepared for the journey ahead. “When meeting with a contractor, doing research and having a visual of a preferred exterior style and color palette is a great way to get the conversation started,” says Frye.

Tip #3: Go big; think small.

Simple changes can go a long way. If you like your home’s structure, but think the windows look outdated or the siding looks bland, a simple refresh with new siding, windows and accents in different colors and textures can make a big difference and up the curb appeal. Small tweaks to these items, like choosing certain stone styles or siding profiles, can help add a person touch.

Tip #4: Put your stamp on it.

For an even more personalized home exterior upgrade, consider cosmetic, nonstructural changes, in addition to the replacement of windows and siding. Adding smaller elements to the roof such as window dormers or gables, adding a porch, or installing new fencing can give your home personality while keeping intact a classic architectural style. Using different material textures and colors, as seen in the palette pictured above, create a stylistic fingerprint that will set the house apart.

Tip #5: Dream big!

Envision your dream home, down to the last shingle. Knowing the specific exterior changes you want to make, and sharing that vision with your remodeling contractor, will give you a significant head start in making your dream home a reality. With a great contractor and digital design tools available, your dream home is closer than you think!

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 If you were to renovate your exterior, what’s the first thing you’d change?