Black Vinyl Windows are a Cool Solution with a Hot Color

Black vinyl windows add a dramatic accent to any building or home. But this is one hot color trend that poses special challenges to windows: black (and other dark colors) absorb heat, which can cause warping in vinyl windows.

The Ply Gem Windows’ black vinyl window will solve the problem with a black capstock over a white co-extruded under layer, which reflects sunlight and limits heat gain. Builders and architects will soon have peace of mind when specifying black vinyl windows. The new exterior color will be available soon on all window operating styles in the 1500 Vinyl Collection, including single-hung, sliding, picture and architectural shape windows.

1500 Flat Casing Craftsman Shot 7 Black smallerKey Features of Black Vinyl Windows

  • Adds a dramatic accent to any building
  • Reflects light and limits heat absorption
  • Available in a variety of window styles, shapes and sizes
  • Available with numerous grille options