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What is Certified Vinyl Siding?

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling the exterior of an older one, the quality of the siding you choose is incredibly important. When faced with the wide variety of vinyl siding products on the market today it’s important to choose certified vinyl siding and to have it installed by a certified vinyl siding installer.

What is the Vinyl Siding Institute?

The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is the trade organization of the vinyl siding industry. VSI sponsors a program that sets the standard for quality vinyl and polypropylene siding. All vinyl and polypropylene siding products through the VSI-sponsored program are verified by an independent quality control agency, Architectural Testing, Inc (ATI) of York, PA. In order to be certified, vinyl siding manufacturers must meet or exceed the industry standard of quality (ASTM D3679 and ASTM D7254).

No matter what brand, style or color of vinyl siding you choose, you can be certain that if certified under VSI’s program that the products are of the highest quality and manufactured to last.

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How can you tell if vinyl siding is certified?

Certification comes in two categories: 1. Overall product certification and 2. Color retention certification. You will be able to find the following certification labels and logos on the manufacturer’s literature, websites or packaging.

VSI Certified Logo INS ColorRet 3Std PNG Color VSI Certified Logo INS ColorRet D7856Only PNG ColorVSI Certified Logo POLY ColorRet NO PNG Color

Where can you shop for certified vinyl siding?

Builders, remodelers and architects can specify certified vinyl siding and obtain it through their distributors.

What is a certified installer?

Through the Vinyl Siding Institute’s Certified Installer Program, experienced professionals receive thorough training on proper, industry-approved vinyl siding installation techniques. VSI’s certification process involves a combination of classroom training, hands-on instruction and a written test given by a VSI Certified Trainer.