Stone Veneer: The Natural Choice For Your Home Remodel

A remodeling technique that dates back as early as the Roman Coliseum, stone veneer easily incorporates style and sophistication whether displayed on columns on the outside of a home or as a stacked stone backsplash in a kitchen. Why do we love using stone? It’s easy to customize and gives a vivid pop of color and texture to any space.

Q: What is stone veneer?

A: Stone veneer replicates natural stone and can be used anywhere in many places on your home. Both decorative and functional, faux stone is usually 1 inch thick and weighs less than 15 pounds, so no additional structure support is needed. It’s also a third of the weight of natural stone, so it can be used for DIY projects all around the house–for example, adding stone for your fireplace.

Q: What is stone veneer made of?

A: Stone veneer looks just like real stone, and is sometimes made from pieces of natural stone. Though ingredients vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most stone veneer is composed from a mixture of concrete, stone and iron-oxide pigments.

Q: What does stone veneer look like?

A: Its shape is created by being poured into a mold that reflects the bumps and curves of an actual piece of stone. So even with stone veneer, you’ll never find two pieces alike. Most people can’t tell the difference between veneer stone and natural stone products and, in many cases, stone veneer can look even better. Plus it’s a fraction of the cost!

Q: What is faux stone typically used for?

A: Traditionally used for exterior projects such as accenting vinyl siding, quality stone veneer can also be easily incorporated into the interior of your home. The stone facade trend has become a go-to design feature for interior and exterior spaces such as your kitchen, bedroom and patio. We can be your source of inspiration for fresh and creative stone projects.

Q: What are the benefits of using stone veneer?

A: Aside from looking incredible on any surface, there are many benefits of utilizing faux stone inside of your home. For example:

1. Stone veneer is virtually maintenance free.

Once stone veneer is installed there is virtually no maintenance. It will never need to re-touched or re-painted.

2. Stone veneer increases the resale value of your home.

With a high return of 92.9%, stone veneer projects have the second highest ROI for a remodeling project.

3. Faux stone is affordable.

Because of faux stone’s ingredients, this product is lighter and easier to produce than real stone, therefore saving you money.

Five stone project ideas for every area of your home.

1. Warm up your living room with a stone fireplace.


Nothing’s cozier than sitting next to the fireplace on a cold, winter day.

2. A stacked stone backsplash adds sizzle to any kitchen.

Stone Backsplash

Thinking about adding a section of backsplash behind your stove? Interior stone veneer may just be the way to go. Use a variety of vivid shades to add contrast to your current kitchen color palette and create a gorgeous stacked stone backsplash.

3. Make your outdoor living space warm and cozy with a stone fire pit.

Stone Veneer Fire Pit

Make evening entertaining a lot more fun by decking out your outdoor fire pit with stone.

4. Boost your home’s curb appeal with stone columns.

NCFrontPorch Alistair 8924lr

Stone veneer columns instantly add curb appeal to any home. See other exterior stone ideas here.

5. Add character to any room with a faux stone wall.

Ply Gem Windows and Doors

Whether you have a blank wall in your bedroom or living area, consider filling it with stone veneer. The neutral tones will add warmth to your space and subtly make a statement.

Get started on your stone project today!

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