Protect Your Home During a Storm with Impact Windows

Hurricane season is well underway and, especially for those who live near the coast, it means it’s time to prepare for the heavy winds and rain that can come with these massive storms. Where do you start prepping your home?

Before a hurricane make a plan.

According to an article from FEMA, coastal residents should establish an evacuation plan before a hurricane warning is issued to ensure a route to safer ground. Make sure your family is prepared with plenty of emergency supplies including food, water, protective clothing, batteries, flashlights and a full tank of gas.

During a hurricane seek shelter.

While the storm takes place, individuals should listen to the local weather or news station for evacuation orders, if given. If you are forced to stay in your area during the hurricane, seek shelter in the most secure building. It’s best to stay away from windows and doors.

And, make sure you secure your windows and doors to help prevent flying debris from entering your home. What’s the best way to do this? Impact windows.

Invest in impact windows and patio doors.

Why are impact windows important? These windows, also called hurricane windows or coastal windows, are designed specifically for homes on or near a coast and are reinforced to help withstand high windows and flying debris.

PlyGem Impact Windows 1

Impact windows are designed for high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) and have to meet the most stringent HVHZ standards to be used in coastal homes. There are two main features that make these windows ideal for storms:

  1. A reinforced window frame.
  2. Laminated glass that helps keep out flying debris.

Impact Windows vs. Regular Windows

Why can’t traditional windows do the same job as impact windows? Traditional replacement windows don’t offer as much protection as impact windows because they use different glass. In a traditional window, you typically have two window panes with a gas fill in between, whereas in an impact window you have two window panes surrounding an inner laminated glass layer. This laminated layer is what helps protect your home from possible projectiles.

Ready to add impact windows to your home?

Put your trust in the design and functionality of impact windows that are carefully crafted to ensure you and your family stay safe from the storm. If you’re ready to add impact windows to your home, find a pro in your area to get started.