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Summer is Here and the Time is Right for Outdoor Living

Summer is a fine time to kick back, have fun, and go outside. But for those that live in Florida (like myself) or any...

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How to Define Your Garden Space with Style

How can you properly ‘plot’ your urban farm to make it a space you’ll love? I have a few tips to help you define your...

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Tiny Living: From Sheds to Studios

Tiny spaces are making big waves across the US, but tiny living is no new concept. Let's look at some tiny spaces tha...

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Color Cues: How to Avoid Common Color Mistakes

Color selection is one of the most important aspects of design. It is also one of the easiest things to go wrong. Her...

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4 Ways to Get the Character of Historic Window Architecture

The saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same” rings true with architectural styles. We have smart...

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Outdoor Living: It’s All in the Details

Picture a home with an outdoor living space you find especially attractive. Is there one feature that stands out? The...

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The Rule of Three: How to Choose Finishes for Your Home

With so many exterior building products readily available, it can be tempting to use as many as possible. It’s unders...

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Grappling with Green Building

What exactly that means to manufacturers, consumers and installers is something that I, as an industry professional, ...

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Black Vinyl Windows are a Cool Solution with a Hot Color

Black vinyl windows add a dramatic accent to any building or home. But this is one hot color trend that poses special...

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