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Green Benefits of Vinyl Siding

When a homeowner or building professional searches for building products, there are many ways to go green. In additio...

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How to Make Your Home’s Design Functional

When you are selecting a new home for yourself, remodeling your present home, or helping a client remodel and reconfi...

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Joplin EMHE: The Gonzalez-Ely Family

As the storm loomed over Joplin on May 22, Scott, Natalie, and son Augie, huddled together in the bathtub. The three ...

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Joplin EMHE: The Nguyen Family

Thang Nguyen was a member of the Vietnamese Air Force and battled together, alongside U.S. soldiers, during the Vietn...

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Joplin EMHE: The Cogdill Family

Crystal Cogdill is passionate about helping displaced families find homes, which makes her ideally suited for her job...

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Joplin EMHE: The Whitely Family

Loving Mom of three young children and personal care aid for disabled and elderly clients, Crystal Whitely is known f...

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Joplin EMHE: The Nevins Family

Every neighborhood has “that” house – the one where all the kids meet up, get their snacks and hang out. Prior to the...

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Joplin EMHE: The Walters Family

Tom and Emily Walters, with their daughter Chloe, moved into their house in 2006, looking forward to raising a family...

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Joplin EMHE: The Howard Family

Kyle and Jill, along with their four boys, Keenan, Konnor, Korbin and Kaleb, will call “The Cabin” their new home. Ky...

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