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How to Clean Your Window Screens Before Winter

Without regular maintenance and cleaning a window screen can become dirty, damaged and will eventually need to be rep...

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How to Save Energy During the Holidays

Little things can affect how energy efficient your home is in big ways. This holiday season keep your energy bill fro...

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Rebuilding 7 Destroyed Homes in Joplin with Extreme Makeover Home Edition

As carefully as the Ply Gem team worked to ensure we were thoroughly prepared and equipped – from a materials perspec...

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5 Ways to Winterize Your Home Before Winter

Before you get hit with a higher than normal energy bill, take a few minutes to prepare your home for the cold weathe...

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Good Bones: Prairie

If you need one word to sum up Prairie style, go with “Sturdy.” Prairie style is a bold, masculine American style bor...

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Learn the Lingo: Window Types

What's a window balance? A window balance is hidden window component sitting inside the window frame that assists wit...

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Remodeling Realities

Having the opportunity to support renovation reality television shows through labor and product donations is somethin...

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Character Driven Design Through Architecture

If you’ve caught me on stage at any of the PlyGem ProTalk series sessions, you’ve heard me harp on "Character Driven ...

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What Not to Do When Hiring a Contractor

Contrary to public perception, contractors are people. And contractors like being treated with respect and not “talke...

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