Rebuilding 7 Destroyed Homes in Joplin with Extreme Makeover Home Edition

As carefully as the Ply Gem team worked to ensure we were thoroughly prepared and equipped – from a materials perspective – to be a valuable partner to Extreme Makeover Home Edition none of us were “ready” for the scenes we would witness or stories we’d hear in Joplin, MO. It’s likely a good thing that our focus was on the facts – we were set to play an integral role in rebuilding seven houses in seven days. Yet, within the first 24 hours, it was the seven families and the people of Joplin that became our motivation. The structures became more than houses; they were going to be homes to moms and dads, brothers and sisters – families – who had suffered great loss and now needed to begin the process of rebuilding and healing. This street, would not just be a row of houses; instead, it’d be a symbol to the city of Joplin – that the best way to honor those who perished is to rise up and begin to restore neighborhoods and foster community.

Over the next several entries, Ply Gem will reveal our experience building 7 Homes for 7 Families in 7 Days. We’ll share with you the families’ stories and how their new houses were designed especially for them.