Tornado Rebuild in Joplin with Extreme Makeover – The Gonzalez-Ely Family


As the storm loomed over Joplin on May 22, Scott, Natalie, and son Augie, huddled together in the bathtub. The three of them were protected only by the mattress Scott was using as a cover, and a bike helmet that they hoped would shield Augie from injury. The storm’s force overpowered Scott as it slammed into their home, lifting him into the air and causing flying debris to strike Augie in the head. The blow shattered the helmet, but likely saved Augie’s life. In an instant of calm, Natalie looked around, realized they were in the eye of storm and quickly hurried them to take cover in a ditch just before the second wave of wind rushed over them.

Only dating before that day, a few weeks after the tornado the couple decided to marry and are eager to start their new life.

Friends describe Natalie as eclectic, and together the couple enjoys a variety of styles and diverse collectables. Combining their wide-ranging design taste with their appreciation for Victorian architecture and rich, jewel-tone colors, “The Bohemian,” was created. Ply Gem’s hope is that this home – a traditional style with a whimsical edge – helps the Gonzalez family feel right at home.

Welcome home, Gonzalez-Ely Family. We wish you a lifetime of happy memories as your family celebrates living life.