How Much Does Stone Veneer Cost?

Have you considered adding some style to your home with beautiful stone veneer? We know a home remodel is a big step and can include costs that you may not think about. Though it can vary from project to project, read below for our breakdown of what stone veneer actually costs and how stone can enhance your home.

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What’s the cost to install stone veneer?

According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, published by Remodeling Magazine, installing stone veneer can cost on average around $7,500. With a 92.9% return, stone veneer renovation projects give you a high ROI, the second highest of any remodeling project.

Cost of Stone Veneer

Four factors that can affect stone veneer cost.

1. Size of the Stone Veneer Project

Naturally, if you’re going to redo a large wall with stone veneer, or several columns on the exterior of your home, you’re going to use more product than if you were just putting a small accent somewhere. Stone veneer can vary from $6 to $9 per square foot, compared to natural stone siding costing $15.00 to $30.00 per square foot. Obviously, the larger the area you’re covering, the higher the cost will rise.

2. Cost of Stone Veneer Installation

If you’re hiring a contractor, there will be an added cost for the stone veneer installation. Tasks like measuring, adding mortar, area preparation and the laying out of the stone are included in this cost. As you’re searching for pros, remember that it’s important to get multiple quotes for any home improvement project. Do you need help finding a contractor? We can help!

3. Cost of Supplies to Install Stone Veneer

Whether you’re planning on hiring a contractor, or doing it yourself, there will be costs associated with the materials you’re using.

4.Complexity of the Stone Project

Keep in mind the type of project you’re aiming for. For example, the cost to install stone veneer on a fireplace could vary in cost from a stone veneer accent wall because the size of the area will vary from home to home. A fireplace renovation will likely use less space and material because the stone goes around the fireplace, whereas an accent wall will require stone veneer to cover the entire wall. The complexity of the project may also impact labor costs. If it’s an intricate installation with many corners, angles, and cuts of the stone veneer materials, costs are also likely to increase.

Should you install stone veneer yourself or hire a contractor?

Now that you’ve decided on a space to show off your stone veneer, the question becomes: Will you install stone veneer yourself or will you hire a contractor? Though both of these options have pros and cons, the final decision comes down to what you, and your budget, are most comfortable with.

Benefits of installing stone veneer yourself.

Though you’re saving money, you may be adding extra time to the project if you decide to install stone veneer on your own. However, there are plenty of videos available that can give you step-by-step instructions, including easy-to-follow installation instructions from Ply Gem. The most important thing to remember is to do your research and be certain that whatever resource you use is thorough and takes you through every step, so your stone veneer project turns out exactly how you envisioned.

Benefits of hiring a pro for your stone project.

Hiring a professional to do the job is an added expense, but the finished product may be worth the associated costs. A pro will not only ensure that each piece of stone veneer is installed properly, but it will save you a lot of time and labor.

To read more on whether to do-it-yourself or hire a pro, read “To DIY or Not to DIY.”

Stone veneer project ideas and potential costs.

Based on rough calculations from Homewyse, here are prices you can expect when planning your next small, medium or large stone veneer remodel project.

Small Stone Veneer Project

20 square feet: Ranging from $250 to $500

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Medium-sized Stone Veneer Project

50 square feet: Ranging from $565 to $1,110

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Large Stone Veneer Project

125 square feet: Ranging from $1,345 to $2,640

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Get started on your stone project today!

Are you ready to start your next home improvement project using stylish stone veneer? Browse all of the different stone color and style options from Ply Gem by finding the closest dealer near you.