Good Bones: Modern Tuscan Architectural Style

What defines the Modern Tuscan house style?

Let’s say you love an elegantly casual Tuscan home, but you’re looking for something with a bit more bite. The clean lines of an ultra-modern house are appealing, but perhaps slightly too far out of your comfort zone. May I introduce the Modern Tuscan? This style effortlessly pairs old world charm with modern materials and colors. Essentially the best of both worlds, especially when you consider it is more affordable than the ultra-contemporary styles which demand flat roofs.

We start with the free-forms of the Tuscan style comprising of low gable roofs with shed roof elements tacked on – creating an almost haphazard aesthetic. Instead of stucco and stone, the stone is replaced with bright colorful siding in saturated tones. I like using combinations of lap and board and batten siding.

Windows play a vital role in the design. I like to imagine them as geometric forms, creating interesting patterns across the front of the home. Consider combinations of single hung and fixed glass windows. I prefer to keep the windows relatively free of mullions –perhaps a single vertical or cross pattern – to keep the style fresh. If your budget will allow, consider upgrading to a “mira” window and using one of the bold, saturated tones.

Speaking of color, I love the rich, saturated colors offered by Ply Gem like Mastic’s Vineyard Grove, Portsmouth Blue, and Montana Suede. You can start with a neutral base color like beige, then use a technique called color blocking to add areas of bright, contrasting color like Variform’s Sedona Red and Bayou Blue.

So if you’re a buyer looking for something fresh and new, that is both modern and nostalgic at the same time, Modern Tuscan is the choice for you, especially when you consider its affordability. The best part about the style is its old world roots with traditional roof forms will retain a timeless appeal over the years.