Enhance Your Home with Vinyl Fence and Rail

When looking to upgrade your outdoor space, you might forget to consider fence and railing. Whether privacy or picket, extremely detailed or clean and simple, there’s a fence and railing style that will help set the tone for your outdoor living space, front yard, stairs, deck or porch. Originally developed to be purely functional exterior elements, fence and railing not only help keep people and pets safe, but they also help you define your outdoor spaces and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Top four reasons to use vinyl fence and railing on your home.

1. Define your outdoor living space with fence and railing.

Fence and railing is a smart way to add a finishing touch to your home and property, be it an average-sized yard or rural acreage. Vinyl fence and railing comes in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home’ style.

2. Vinyl fence and railing add style.

Vinyl fence and railing manufacturers often offer their styles in the most popular finishes, including shades of white, tan, black and a “hand-stained” wood aesthetic. Texture options range from cedar to smooth wood finishes, depending on the manufacturer. Learn more about selecting colors here.

3. Fence and railing provide privacy for your home.

There are several styles of vinyl fence on the market today. When selecting fencing, privacy is just as important as style. This spectrum ranges from solid privacy (high privacy) to picket (medium privacy) to ranch rail (least privacy), and can have a large impact on the openness of your yard. Also consider the architectural style of your home—Victorian homes work well with picket fencing, whereas ranch rail looks best on more traditional home styles.

fence styles

4. Vinyl railing is a smart investment.

Railing is a beautiful, hardworking necessity for any porch, deck or stairs. It’s functional and helps keep people safe. In addition, unlike wood, which requires constant upkeep and eventual replacement, vinyl railing requires little maintenance and will last a lifetime. Vinyl railing is a smart investment that is impervious to rot, flaking, peeling and decay.

Vinyl railing is available in a variety of styles to fit your budget and house style, including:

rail styles

So, as you begin to put last-minute touches on your exterior this fall, consider adding or updating your fence and railing for a quick, budget-friendly yard touch-up.