4 Ways to Transform Your Backyard into an Oasis

Summer often means enjoying the outdoors with friends and family for a weekend barbecue or catching some sun by the pool. With warmer days on the horizon, you may be thinking about what can be done to spruce up your outdoor space to use for entertaining or for a little relaxation.

Four ways you can turn your backyard into an oasis.

1. Think of your outdoor area as an extension of your indoor living space.

Backyards and patios are the new living rooms. Try bringing your interior palette outside by choosing decor that complements your indoor look. This can be reflected in the type of flowers planted, surface material chosen, or appliance finishes. Add some interior-inspired homey touches—some pillows, table linens, candles—to get started.

2. Think big picture—and best value

.siding replace

Make big changes that will really impact your outdoor space and your home’s value. Replacing the siding on your home or adding a beautiful outdoor fireplace are just a few examples of projects that can give your outdoor living space the upgrade it needs and also add value to your home. According to Angie’s List, replacing siding comes with an average 80% return on investment, making it a worthwhile upgrade, versus adding a swimming pool—homeowners rarely get back even half the money paid to install one. New color technology provides new color options too—everything from pale yellows and greens to deep reds and blues—so you’re sure to find a color that works with your interior palette, exterior theme and personal preferences.

3. Become one with nature.

outdoor stone 4

Stone, wood, water. Natural materials can really amp up your outdoor space! The use of stone veneer has become increasingly popular in the design of outdoor kitchens and fireplaces because of its realistic look, but lighter weight and increased affordability compared to natural stone. Add a new wicker or wooden dining set and a quiet fountain and your oasis is well on its way!

4. Create privacy.


What separates a true outdoor living oasis from a standard yard? Privacy. Think about how much separation you want—from the street, from neighbors—and plan accordingly. This may mean creating your space in a nontraditional area a few yards from your back door. If your house is typically home-base for the neighborhood block party, you likely care less about location and more about accessibility. Privacy fence and railing is a great option, because it comes in many styles at all levels of privacy. Fences are a great tool to add privacy to your outdoor area especially in more populated neighborhoods.