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We’ve collected frequently requested tools, including three-part CSI architectural specifications, to help architectural professionals like you plan, design and build projects of all kinds exactly how you envisioned them.

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Click here to download our CSI 3 Part Specifications (Engineered Slate) - (Adobe PDF)

CSI Specs for SLATE Technical Data section


Technical Data

Our engineered slate roofing is easy to install. Unlike natural slate, our shingles are light and don’t require additional framing for support. They’re practically indestructible. A contractor can walk on them all day long without damaging them. They don’t require special skills or tools. (We’ve designed recessed nail flanges right into the shingle to make installation simple.) The end result is a professional installation completed in less time. Which saves dollars for other projects you have planned for your project.

Download our Engineered Slate Installation Guide

DWG Files

Click here to download our DWG Files.

What's included:

  • 0-1 Installation Diagrams Table of Contents.dwg
  • 0-2 General Notes & Information.dwg
  • 2-2 Eave and Rake Edges- 2D.dwg
  • 3-2 Open Valley Detail- 2D.dwg
  • 3D-House-roof-logo-660030.jpg
  • 4-2 Ridge & Hip Details- 2D.dwg
  • 5-1 Valley Transition- 2d.dwg
  • 6-1 Hip Transition- 2d.dwg
  • 7-2 Wall Flashing - Side- Step Flashing- 2D.dwg
  • 8-1 Roof to Wall Transition- 2d.dwg
  • 9-1 Pipe penetration- 2d.dwg
  • 10-1 Counterflashing at Masonry.dwg
  • 11-1 Snow Gaurd- Layout.dwg
  • 11-1 Snow Gaurd.dwg
  • Full 3D Model.dwg

PDF Files

Click here to download our PDF files.

What's included:

  • 0-1 Installation Diagrams Table of Contents.pdf
  • 0-2 General Notes & Information.pdf
  • 1-1 Membrane Underlayment & Key Diagram- 1.pdf
  • 1-2 Membrane Underlayment & Key Diagram- 2.pdf
  • 2-1 Eave and Rake Edges- 3D.pdf
  • 2-2 Eave and Rake Edges- 2D.pdf
  • 3-1 Open Valley Detail - 3D.pdf
  • 3-2 Open Valley Detail- 2D.pdf
  • 4-1 Ridge and Hip Details- 3D.pdf
  • 4-2 Ridge and Hip Details.pdf
  • 5-1 Valley Roof Transition Details.pdf
  • 6-1 Hip Roof Transition Details.pdf
  • 7-1 Wall Flashing - Side-Step Flashing- 3D.pdf
  • 7-2 Wall Flashing - Side- Step Flashing- 2D.pdf
  • 8-1 Wall Flashing - Top- Counter Flashing Details.pdf
  • 9-1 Roof Pipe Penetration Details.pdf
  • 10-1 Counterflashing at Masonry.pdf
  • 11-1 Pad Style Snow Guards.pdf

RFA Files

Click here to download our RFA files.

What's included:

  • Pad Style Snow Gaurd.rfa
  • Slate Shingle- Hip Half.rfa
  • Slate Shingle- Starter.rfa
  • Slate Shingle.rfa

Full Revit Model

Click here to download our Full Revit 3D house model.