Napco supports it's distributors with a complete line of samples, literature and other marketing tools. To learn more about what is available, log on to your Napco Advance account or contact your Napco Territory Sales Manager.

Samples & Literature


Portfolios provide an easy-to-use product and color selection guide. Key features and benefits for the product line are highlighted along with an actual piece of the product profile and color chips.

Portfolio features:

  • Product samples for Specific Profile(s)
  • Color Chips
  • Key Features and Benefits

Presentation Cases/Bifold Cases

Presentation Cases and Bifold Cases offer a more robust product sample showcase. These cases provide you with a sample of each profile available in the product line as well as a fandeck for color selection. Cases also provide you with key features about the product line. Great for customer presentations. You may choose to leave this sample case behind with a customer to pick up at a later date. (This will give you a great reason to go back and close the sale.)

Case Features:

  • Product Sample for each Profile
  • Fan Deck
  • Key Features and Benefits

Deluxe Hand Samples

Premium hand samples with full-color graphics, large profile piece and color chips attached. Great for customer presentations.


Used to show product color, finish and texture.

"Quick Cut" Program

Vinyl Siding Cut Piece Program. Siding profiles and colors are available in “standard cuts” (2′ length) or “custom cuts” (1-6′ lengths).


Product Brochures/Specification Sheets

These tools provide prospective customers with a solid overview of the product line’s features and benefits. Product brochures include a color selection guide, all available product profiles, detailed information about the key features, and are excellent “leave-behind” tools for customers. The Specification Sheet provides detailed technical data.

Brochure Features:

  • Company background
  • Full Color House Photos
  • Product Features and Benefits

Specification Sheet Features: Detailed Technical Data

Digital Tools

Napco Designed Exterior STUDIO Online Visualizer

Your customers can help home owners reach their design vision with Napco’s Designed Exterior STUDIO Visualizer.  Home owners can mix and match various Napco siding profiles and colors along with the colors of other Ply Gem products such as windows, shutters and trim to achieve their ultimate dream home exterior. This is great interactive tool for customer presentations, home shows or model homes. Simply set up a computer with internet access or use an iPad to connect to the Designed Exterior Studio here on the Napco website. Click here to begin visualizing.

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Napco Website Builder Program: Quick, Affordable, Effective Websites

Are you in need of a website? Is one your customers in need of a website? Napco is offering its best distributors and contractors access to our new website builder program. With this new program, you can have a professionally designed website up and running in as little as one week – at a fraction of the cost of creating a custom website. Our turn-key solution promotes your business and connects you with customers online while you focus on your day-to-day business.


  • Be there when customers are searching for contractors with built-in search engine optimization
  • Choose from professionally designed templates developed especially for distributors and siding contractors with the information that matters to your customers
  • Simple set-up means you don't have to hire a Web developer
  • Website set-up is free! Web developers can charge $3,000+ to get started as well as charge for every content update. With the Napco Website Builder Program, set up is FREE!
  • All you pay for is your website address (URL) $19.99 per year and a monthly hosting fee of $9.99 per month
  • Contact your Napco Territory Sales Manager for information on how to get started today!


To order any of these items, simply log on to your Napco Advance account.

Napco Advance marketing co-op program

If you have any questions about any of the Napco marketing support items, please contact your Napco Territory Sales Manager. If you need help accessing your Napco Advance account, please contact our Marketing Department at 800-788-1964.