Does Ply Gem make an outswing door unit?

Our Premium Series includes outswing and inswing hinged doors.

Does Ply Gem make a true divided light window unit?

Ply Gem no longer offers true divided light windows. We offer simulated-divided-light (SDL) for an authentic look with the energy-efficiency of a modern window design. We also have grilles-between-the-glass (GBG) options for a traditional look while providing the ease of cleaning that no grilles provides.

On Ply Gem double hung units, do both sash tilt for easy cleaning?

Yes, whether wood, clad-wood or vinyl Ply Gem double hung units are designed for both top and bottom sash to tilt in for easy cleaning.

Does Ply Gem make a replacement window unit?

Yes, Ply Gem offers Premium, Pro and Contractor Series Replacement products with options and features to meet your needs. Visit our Replacement Windows & Doors page to select the right series for your application.

Does Ply Gem make a French sliding door?

Yes, French sliding doors are available in our Premium and Pro Series for both new construction and replacement applications.

Are Ply Gem windows available in colors?

Yes, Ply Gem products are available in a variety of colors. Our aluminum-clad products are available in white, sandalwood, taupe, evergreen, ivory, cottage red, dark bronze and black. Our vinyl-clad products are available in white and sandalwood (Builder Series 600 only in white). Our wood composite 400 and 300 Series products are available in white, and the 300 Series is also available in beige with white trim. Our wood composite 200 Series is available primed exterior and natural wood interior.

Our wood 100 Series is available primed interior and exterior, natural wood interior and exterior and any combination thereof. All vinyl products are available in white and beige (Builder Series 1000 comes only in white).

Some Premium Replacement vinyl products are also available in sandstone and earth-tone exterior colors with the following interior colors: golden oak woodgrain, colonial cherry woodgrain and natural oak woodgrain. Visit the specific product page you are interested in to see the various color options for that product.

Does Ply Gem sell to homeowners and contractors?

While Ply Gem does not sell directly to homeowners and contractors, our distribution method is through various channel partners who are able to provide you with personal assistance and support in your windows purchase. Visit our How to Buy page for more information.

Does Ply Gem make custom sizes?

Yes, replacement products are custom built for each home’s specifications. Some new construction products are available in custom sizes, and some series are only offered with fixed (non-operating) units and with a maximum size of 40-square-feet for vinyl units and 45-square-feet for wood or clad-wood units. Visit the specific product page you are interested in to see the various sizing options for that product.

Can Ply Gem apply transoms above your door units?

Yes, on 6-8 wood or clad-wood doors, we can apply a maximum height transom of 1-0 or less. On 6-8 vinyl doors, we can apply a maximum height transom of 1-4 or less. On door heights greater than 6-8 or transoms that exceed the aforementioned maximum heights, parts and mull kits are available for transom mull installation to be done on site. Speak to your Ply Gem representative for your specific application.

What is Ply Gem's warranty?

For more information about Ply Gem’s competitive warranty, visit our Warranty page.