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Ply Gem

5800 Sliding Patio Door

Replacement — Vinyl
Ply Gem

5800 Sliding Patio Door

Replacement — Vinyl

Open up your home and appreciate the view with the 5800 vinyl sliding patio door. Unlike a hinged door, the space-saving sliding design along with added energy-efficiency makes your home more comfortable and inviting.

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5800 Sliding Patio Door

5800 Sliding Patio Door.  Discover a vinyl sliding patio door with the strength and performance that provides low maintenance, energy efficiency and comfort.

5800 Sliding Patio Door

Features & Benefits

Smooth Operation. Adjustable panel rollers allow the door to open and close with ease.

Convenient Access. An available keyed lock provides increased security and hassle-free entry.

Effective Weather-resistance. Ample weatherstripping around the door perimeter helps protect against air and water infiltration.

Dependable Security. A unique self-centering interlock improves performance and meets forced entry resistance requirements.

Designed for Durability. Aluminum threshold and sill track will provide years of dependable performance.

Low-maintenance Beauty. Premium vinyl construction requires virtually no upkeep to look great year after year.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency. Available glass packages help lower heating and cooling costs while keeping your home more comfortable.

Architectural Accent. Decorative flat and sculptured grilles in authentic patterns are the perfect choice to add curb appeal to your home.

Fresh Air and Insect-resistance. Fiberglass mesh screen provides optimized airflow while helping to keep out insects.

Simplified Installation. Reversible panels help make patio door replacement faster and easier.

The Contractor series 5800 sliding patio door is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind. See the 5800 series warranty for complete details.

With available advanced glass options, your 5800 sliding patio door can enhance your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Energy Efficiency & Comfort

  • Optional Low-E glass packages with warm edge spacers help retain cooled air during summer and warm air during winter for more consistent temperatures inside your home.
  • High Performance HP glass packages include Argon gas, much denser than air, sealed inside the insulating glass unit for even greater thermal efficiency.
  • Contractor series 5800 sliding glass patio doors can be ordered ENERGY STAR® certified for any climate zone.

Sound & Safety

  • Increase your home’s safety and security with laminated glass, featuring a strong, transparent PVB interlayer that helps deter intruders.
  • Laminated glass can help make your home quieter by absorbing some of the sound vibrations that pass through the glass.

Fade Protection

  • Minimize the damage that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have on your flooring, artwork and window treatments with available Low-E or laminated glass.

Increased Privacy

  • Enjoy more privacy without losing desirable sunlight by choosing obscure patterned glass.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with 5800 patio door grilles in architecturally inspired patterns. Grilles sealed between the glass panes create a smooth glass surface that is easy to clean, while simulated divided lites create architectural appeal with the traditional look of individual panes of glass.

Grille Profiles
  • 5/8" Flat GBG
  • 1" Sculptured GBG
  • 7/8" SDL

The Contractor series 5800 sliding patio door features durable, color-matched hardware. Available metallic finishes are available for an elegant appearance.

To learn more about the Contractor series 5800 sliding patio door, select the literature below and download now.

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