How many shutters do I get per box?


What styles are available?

Raised Panel, Louvered, and Board & Batten, which come in 4 versions — open and closed, 3- and 4-panel

What material is the shutter made of?

Injection-molded polypropylene

How do I know what size to order?

Determine the right size by measuring the Length (A) and Width (B) of your windows. Use the measuring chart below to determine the correct shutter size.

On what types of exterior cladding and siding can the shutters be installed?

All types of siding. See our installation instructions on how to mount your new shutters over masonry, vinyl, wood and other materials.

Can these shutters be painted? If so, what do I need to know?

Yes, all Ply Gem shutters take paint very well. What’s more, our durable design allows you to repaint the shutters. Be sure to use a high-quality latex paint. See your Ply Gem warranty for more information.

Are swatches of the colors available?

No, but you can play with the colors using Ply Gem’s interactive design tool. You can try out your favorite color combinations to find the one you like most.

Can the shutters be used indoors or outdoors?

Yes, you can install Ply Gem shutters on the interior or exterior of your home. They’re built tough to withstand the sun, weather, and everyday life.

Does the shutter have a hollow back?


What does the warranty cover?

Ply Gem offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects, cracking, splitting and excessive fading for as long as you live in your home. Ply Gem’s warranty, which is the best in the industry, is transferable. For specific details, see our warranty guide.

Are the shutters recyclable?

Shutters are made from polypropylene, which is a #5 plastic resin type. Check with your local municipality recycling program regarding their product acceptance guidelines.