Faster Install

Ply Gem ELEMENTS is flexible so there is no need to be concerned with boards becoming brittle and breaking. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight, requiring only one person to carry multiple boards at one time, making for easier, faster installation.

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Minimal Airborne Dust

Compared to some hardboard siding which can generate significant airborne dust, Ply Gem ELEMENTS kicks up minimal dust making it safer for your crew, and jobsite cleanup a breeze.

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Moisture Resistant

The most impressive feature is Ply Gem ELEMENTS' moisture resistance. It is designed, manufactured and fortified with only water-resistant materials and covered with a tough epoxy topcoat to keep moisture out, maintaining structural integrity for the life of the product.

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The One-Stop Shop for Breath-Taking Beauty

Siding Collection

Offered in two textures, CedarSelect and Smooth, six profile widths and traditional on-trend colors, create the perfect design combination to achieve the look you desire.

Explore the Possibilities

Trim and Mouldings

From elegant mantels to crown mouldings, crisp corner posts and trim — add the finishing touch to your home’s exterior.

Find the Perfect Complement

Shutters and Accents

Finding the perfect shutter is easy with Ply Gem. Coordinate with any style and color to make your house the envy of the neighborhood.

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This work isn’t easy on our team members. A lot of it is long hours, early mornings, late evenings, hot sun beating down on you, so when you’re working with lighter materials, it really improves the day-to-day comfort and stamina of our team members.

Installation Crews Get a Respite From Back-Breaking Work

A virtually dust-free, ten-day siding replacement project kept crews safer and minimized work-site cleanup, making it this contractor’s new go-to siding.

Check Out How Lightweight!

Ply Gem ELEMENTS Makes Replacing Siding Easy, Even in Midwinter

See how a crew of four removed old siding, installed OSB board and housewrap, and installed the new siding even with temperatures in the teens.

Experience the Difference

Discover how much more simple install can be.

If you have experience installing hardboard siding such as fiber cement you’ll find installing Ply Gem ELEMENTS much easier – thanks to unique features that make installation go more smoothly.

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