The home of your dreams is possible. And you don't even have to move. 


For most homeowners, it's not long after move-in day that we start thinking of upgrades and repairs we'd like to make to our home. Whether functional or aesthetic, Ply Gem understands that change is inevitable. Therefore, through the Designed Exterior by Ply Gem you can beautifully transform the look of your existing house with low maintenance materials that will allow you to spend time enjoying your home instead of fixing it.
With that in mind, we selected more than 20 of the most commonly lived-in houses across the U.S. and then partnered with one of the nation's leading architectural firms to show how you can create a home exterior that ideally expresses your personality and taste.

Single Story Home

Single-story - or more commonly referred to as - ranch-style houses are widely preferred by homeowners because of their ease of accessibility. Unfortunately, it’s all too common that these houses lack individuality and character.

The Designed Exterior by Ply Gem helps to inspire beautifully-updated, low maintenance home exteriors by combining windows, stone veneer, siding profiles and colors, along with other accents that are intended to give any home a fresh and dramatically customized look.
The ordinary 70s-style house you see above is drab with its monotone color palette, unadorned windows and a front section that protudes yet has no windows or other design elements. 
Without intruding into the original structure, the addition of a porch and framed roof gable gives balance and cleverly incorporates the irrelevant and windowless section. These minor structural additions along with red shakes and Shadow Ledgestone completely transform this house into a Craftsman.  


Story and one-half

Split level construction was a trend that dominated new home creation throughout the 1960-70s. Yet, unfortunately, more often than not, it lacked any sense of traditional residential architecture.

At Ply Gem, we have a solution for the 1970s split-level challenge. With help from The Designed Exterior you can discover how to coordinate a combination of materials, colors and textures, to give these now out-dated home exteriors a customized architectural style.
The home above, while it lacked any discernable style and detail, had great potential. Its primary challenge was the scale and balance of its components – such as the disproportionately large half-round window. 
Creating the genuine French Country look started by adding new windows, and was further authenticated by simply utilizing two siding different siding profiles - shakes and board and batten - to reduce the perception of disproportionately large gables 


Two Story Homes

The interior space available in a two-story home allows families the room they need to comfortably spread out. Yet, all too often what works well inside the house, presents homeowners with exterior design and curb appeal challenges.

Ply Gem makes it possible for you to explore the possibilities and create a home exterior that will be the envy of the community.
The charming and classic two-story home above, with its friendly front porch, is bursting with potential but unfortunately lacks the style necessary to make it stand out in the neighborhood. Minor modifications such as a shift to rich color and texture show the impact that a material change can have on the personality and look of a home.
By adding a simple gable over the entryway, the porch is easily integrated into the main body of the structure. Finally, incorporating a stone base helps this façade deliver a vintage appeal.