It's not just what you know, but what you continue to learn that sets you apart from the competition. AIA-Accredited continuing education courses will help your architects meet changing consumer demands and stay informed of industry shifts and green building practices. Here are a few we highly recommend.

AIA Courses

Building Green With Vinyl Siding

By the end of this learning unit offered by Hanley Wood University, participants will be able to define sustainability and green building, list ways vinyl siding can contribute to points in leading green building certification programs and more.

Enhancing Exteriors With Vinyl And Other Polymeric Siding

No matter what exterior cladding is selected, architects, designers and other building product specifiers want assurance that the homes they’re designing will look beautiful and are durable with the passage of time. This AIA-accredited course offered by Hanley Wood University covers all the details.

Achieving Improved Energy Performance With Insulated Siding

Presented by Newport Ventures, this webinar will explain how insulated siding complies with code and building energy efficiency programs, proper R-value testing, and the fundamentals of installation.

Enhancing Exterior Design With Manufactured Stone Veneer

This course will identify the various types of masonry veneer, examine industry advancement, review how different types of manufactured stone veneer can complement various architectural styles, and will describe acceptable methods and details for installation of manufactured stone veneer.