100 Double Hung Wood Window

Double Hung

BUILDER SERIES 100 double hung wood windows are available in singles, twins, combinations, 30° and 45° angle bays, side lites, stationaries and a wide selection of architectural shapes. They feature exterior components and brick mould treated with water-repellent preservative. Double hung units come with our standard tilting sash system.


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PRODUCT FEATURES - 100 Double Hung 

  • Natural wood sash and interior ready for staining to match any interior décor - also available with primed interior for painting
  • Exterior vacuum-treated, solid wood components resist damage from water and fungus, are primed and ready for acrylic latex paints - also available in natural wood exterior for staining
  • Energy-efficient Warm Edge insulating glass, standard; optional upgrades include: Warm Edge+, Low-E, HP or HP2+ glass package options
  • Compression balance system for simple tilt-in cleaning of exterior glass.
  • 49/16" jambs eliminate need for drywall work; custom jamb extensions to 89/16"
  • Standard white cam-action sash locks and matching white jambliner; optional bronzestone cam-action sash locks and matching beige jambliner available. 
  • Routed finger-lifts in bottom sash rail for easy operation
  • Foam-filmed weatherstripping on sash for air-tight performance and smooth operation





Our Low-E glass packages combine Low-E and Warm Edge spacer options, providing insulating glass options to meet your specific needs. Our Low-E glass packages provide better performance in regions with hot summers and cold winters. Our Low-E glass packages can be combined with capillary tubes to address performance needs in high elevation applications.

Low-E –  One lite of Low-E


Our HP glass packages combine Low-E with argon gas fill and Warm Edge spacer options, providing high-performance insulating glass options to meet your specific needs. Argon is a safe, odorless, colorless gas, which is heavier or denser than air. When used in conjunction with Low-E glass, argon provides better insulation. That's because heat and cold do not pass through argon gas as easily as through air. Argon is nontoxic and presents no human health or environmental concerns. Our HP glass package is also available in solar cooling (SC) glass package for regions with significant indoor cooling and glare reduction requirements. 

HP – One lite of Low-E and argon gas fill 

Glass Options

  • Low-E
  • HP
  • Tinted
  • Low-E/Tinted
  • Obscure
  • Tempered* (Tempered glass is standard on sliding patio doors. Not all glass options are available in all products.)




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