Choices Made Simple

How To Buy

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to install new windows in your home, or if you’re choosing windows for a new home you’re building, Ply Gem makes the process of choosing the right windows easy. Our products are available in many different locations near you, including lumberyards, specialty stores, and retail home centers.


Choosing the best replacement windows and patio doors is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your home—they can improve energy efficiency, boost curb appeal, and brighten rooms. Once you’ve chosen the best option for your home and budget, it’s time to purchase your new windows.

New Construction

Building a new home can be time-consuming, exhausting, and exhilarating all at once. How nice it is to choose everything you want in a dream home—the perfect layout, floors, cabinets, and windows and patio doors. These are all big decisions, and it can be tiring to work through all the possibilities, but Ply Gem Windows takes a weight off your shoulders by making your window and door purchase easy. Once you’ve decided which new construction windows will best complement your new home, it’s time to purchase your new windows.